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Taramp's 3000W 4 Ohm Trio Car Amplifier

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Taramp's 3000W 4 Ohm Trio Car Amplifier

The Taramps 3000 TRIO amplifier module was developed with the highest technology and performance for automotive sound systems. It’s intended for use in trio box systems, using a single amplifier for loudspeakers, drivers and tweeters. With a maximum power of 3000 Watts RMS at 2 ohms or 4 ohms, the 3000 TRIO has a variable crossover and two-way output, each with individual gain adjustment. The LOW way has a limiter with three actuation levels and variable bass-boost, while the HIGH way has a fixed limiter.

Product Highlights:

  • Input Sensitivity 180mV
  • Frequency Response Low Way
  • 10Hz ~ 700Hz (X-Over Low / High = 700)
  • 10Hz ~ 1200Hz (X-Over Low / High = 1200)
  • Via High
  • 700Hz ~ 20KHz (X-Over Low / High = 700)
  • 1200Hz ~ 20KHz (X-Over Low / High = 1200)
  • Crossover High Pass (HPF) 10Hz ~ 80Hz (-12dB/8th) Variable
  • Crossover Low Pass(LPF) 700Hz ~ 1200Hz (-12dB/8th) Variable
  • Protection System Output short circuit or overload 
  • Maximum Music Consumption 152A 
  • Warranty 1 year warranty
  • Maximum Consumption in Sinusoidal Signal 301A
  • Dimensions(W X H X L) 9" x 2.56" x 8.50"
  • Weight 5.5lb

Output and Power Supply Connector

FAN has one internal ventilation fan and cannot be blocked.LOW OUT Output for low frequency loudspeakers connection. HIGH OUT Output for high frequency transducers connection (horns and tweeters)POWERUse a 21mm² cable from the positivy and negative battery pole for negative power supply terminal and positive power supply terminal.

Functions and Inputs

INPUT (R and L) Inputs of signals to be amplified. X OVER with Subsonic and Low/High variable adjustment.HIGH LEVEL Set the output level of HIGH way. LOW LEVEL Set the output level f LOW way. LIMITER With three positions, it sets the aproximately value for clipping of LOW way signal (threshold level for internal audio limiter).