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Be Ready For Summer - Shop Outdoor Speakers Today!
Be Ready For Summer - Shop Outdoor Speakers Today!

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Dual Electronics Corporation is a leading provider of audio & video products, advanced electronics, and digital solutions for automotive, aviation, marine, and home applications. With operations across the globe, the company provides diverse products and solutions through expertise in design, manufacturing, testing, sales, distribution, and customer support. Dual Electronics is headquartered in Heathrow, Florida and is the U.S. based subsidiary of Namsung Corporation. Founded in 1965, Namsung is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, and is a public company listed on the Korean Stock Exchange. With core products including advanced touch screen receivers, digital low profile amplifiers, smart wireless speakers, and other innovative consumer electronics, Dual Electronics partners with the world’s largest retailers and e-commerce companies to reach customers wherever they shop. In addition, Dual’s collaboration with leading tech companies enables development of products that leverage the most modern features available for connectivity and infotainment. While Dual Electronics is widely known for its broad retail presence of electronics products, the company continues to expand through its expertise in developing customized solutions for digitally connected vehicles and other advanced applications. Dual’s technology areas include advanced drive assistance systems, engine ignition & security control, intelligent systems, vehicle network integration, app & cloud development, GPS navigation, and advanced avionics. With over a half century building and distributing cutting edge electronics products, Namsung Corporation, and it’s North American subsidiary, Dual Electronics Corp. will continue to deliver revolutionary solutions for consumers and vehicle manufacturers utilizing latest technologies in the rapidly advancing digital age.

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Adventure Awaits On The Trail, Or Off.

With a wide selection of quality chart plotting apps available for Apple and Android devices, more and more boaters turn their tablets and smartphones into marine navigation tools. But any navigation device is only as reliable as the accuracy of location information it receives. Many tablets and smartphones have GPS capability, but the built-in GPS relies on the cellular network, which can be scarce or even non-existent in the middle of a lake. That’s where an external, wireless WAAS GPS receiver comes to the rescue.

The wide selection of car navigation apps available for Apple and Android devices makes it easy to turn your smartphone or tablet into a portable turn-by-turn navigator. You can conveniently download maps for the entire US, a specific region, or pretty much any country in the world. But detailed maps are not enough, and you still need a reliable and accurate GPS to pinpoint precisely and track your location on the map at any given moment.

Paper maps had served fine in the past, but nowadays, finding the trailhead, campsite or a geocache is much easier and more fun with the help of your smartphone or tablet. There are many great outdoors apps available for Apple and Android devices, including apps for trail walking, hiking, biking, camping, geocaching and even golfing. In addition to providing topographic maps, many of these apps allow you to record your “track” creating a highly accurate bread crumb to follow home, or upload to computer to create your online travel journal.


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