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Be Ready For Summer - Shop Outdoor Speakers Today!
Be Ready For Summer - Shop Outdoor Speakers Today!

Innovation and Strength.

For over 40 years, Ultimate Support Systems has provided musicians with unique support solutions that are crafted with unparalleled innovation and quality while being accompanied by superior customer service. We have always been determined to invent, design, and manufacture the smartest support solutions and music accessories in the music industry. As we have ventured into studio furniture and acoustic treatment solutions, this commitment to innovation has remained a core value in all of our efforts.

Fly Point Lighting Bar.

A Classic Reborn.

Acoustics Simplified.

Oh, the games that people play. Everybody knows this one: you buy something for your rig, but then find out you need the optional accessories, the (not included) hardware, and the extra pieces and adapters and blah blah blah, in order to actually use it. What you thought was a good deal turns into a subscription that runs your wallet dry. At Ultimate Support, we don’t have time for games. We think maybe you don’t either. That’s why all our lighting trees come with everything you need to put up a full lighting rig, right out of the box. Crossbars. Sidebars. Mounting hardware and brackets. All delivered on the same platforms as our world-beating speaker stands. Pick the style you want, and the features, and rest easy knowing that we’ve taken care of all the rest. In our game, everybody wins.

Ultimate Support invented the one-hand, height adjustable microphone stand nearly two decades ago… and we’ve been perfecting it ever since. Our new Live Retro Series mic stands represent years of testing and user feedback, incorporating the best of the old and the new. All models return to an improved version of an all time favorite design for our one handed clutch mechanism. The solid and stackable base versions have been reduced in weight and returned to classic round designs, the stackable bases are compatible with bases from older stands in the series, and the tripod base includes our new upward folding, locking leg mechanism. No matter your style, there’s a Live Retro Series mic stand for You.

Everybody knows they need some kind of acoustic treatment. The question is, where to start? Ultimate Acoustics has made it easy, with a range of bundles to kick-start your room treatment plan. From the basic Studio Bundle I to the full-on Studio Bundle III, the point is to give you a discounted price for a batch of foam that can get you going. Supplement as needed by adding additional bundles, or buy extra pieces from our separately packaged products. No matter where you’re headed in the future, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as toting home a big colorful box filled with the treatment you need to make your space all it can be.

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