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Be Ready For Summer - Shop Outdoor Speakers Today!

Enriching peoples' lives through music.

We believe in enriching peoples' lives through music, and we're proud to play our small part in that massive endeavor. We make audio interfaces, and that's all we do. It's the job of an audio interface to sit between you and your sound being shared with the world, and we're the best in the world at making that happen. But what does it mean to make the best audio interfaces in the world? The best interface should help you record your sound, exactly as it is. It should be ready to go when you are, never skipping a beat. It should be easy to use, removing pointless technical barriers that get in the way of you enriching yours and others' lives through music. We want to help you do this. We want to make music easier to make. We believe in a world where all musicians are able to record their own sound with ease. If we can remove pointless complexity, and in some way, inspire you to record, enable you to do so and support you on your journey, then our work here is done. Of course, we didn't always make audio interfaces. There wasn't always a computer! But those same principles applied. Back in the 80s, we made consoles. 12 to be precise. Probably the best sounding consoles ever made. It's a good story and one that has made us laugh and cry. If you've got a spare hour, perhaps it will inspire you. We're not alone on our mission. We have seven sister brands focused on the same thing, but in different ways.

Diversity In Music.

Pride In Music.

Racial & Ethnic Diversity In Music.

We’re going to build a great place to work by embracing the diverse foundations of the world of audio to nurture our talent and build a culture of inclusion at Focusrite – that world includes you. We’re going to lead by example in removing barriers to creativity by developing safe and positive environments for people of all gender identities, knowing that our learning and hard work will be its own reward and using our significant platform to thought-lead and raise others up.

We’re promoting a culture where the LGBTQIA+ community feel they are welcome, safe and positively represented, because at Focusrite they truly are. We’re going to empower creativity within and advocate for visibility of the global LGBTQIA+ music community, including our team members, customers, and collaborators.

We’re going to cultivate an equitable culture –internally and outwardly. To understand the nuances of racial inequality, we need to share and learn. To create opportunities and stamp out discrimination, we need to strengthen and grow. To offset bias and create true equity, we need to uncover and improve. To truly remove barriers to creativity in racial and ethnic minority groups, we need to inspire and educate. We’re going to advocate for marginalized groups and amplify their voices.