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We are Innovation. Amplified.

Driven by an unmatched legacy of innovation and a total dedication to quality and reliability, Peavey Electronics embodies the pursuit of perfection in music and audio. It's our unifying spirit. It's proven. And it continues today. For nearly five decades, Peavey has blazed its own path toward musical perfection. Founded by Hartley Peavey in 1965 as a one-man shop, today Peavey Electronics Corporation is one of the largest makers and suppliers of musical instruments, amplifiers and professional audio systems in the world—distributing more than 2,000 products to more than 130 countries. Hartley has famously said, "In order to be better, by definition you must be different." What makes Peavey different is a commitment to approaching business with a unique vision, from product design to distribution to being the largest independently owned manufacturer in the business. His quest has led to more than 180 patents and innovations in the way we hear and play music.

Musical Instruments & Sound Reinforcement. 

Advancements In The Art of Sound Reinforcement.

Revolutionized The Process of Musical-Instrument Making.

Peavey Musical Instruments and Sound Reinforcement make up the largest division of Peavey Electronics Corporation, originating with the spark that inspired Hartley's first guitar amplifier in 1957 and extending to every link in the audio chain, from guitars and amps to loudspeakers, microphones, power amplifiers and more. When Hartley Peavey officially established Peavey Electronics in 1965, he set out with guitar and bass amplifiers that not only sounded great, but also proved famously roadworthy and durable. Continual evolution has resulted in patents and innovations for products like the company's tube, solid-state and modeling instrument amplifiers and groundbreaking ReValver™ amp-modeling software. The company's vast line of tube amplifiers remains a very popular segment of the product catalog, led by the enormously successful 6505® Series.

But while musical-instrument amplifiers introduced Peavey to the world, what really established the company were its advancements in the art of sound reinforcement, beginning with the original PA-3™ in 1968—a powerful and reliable public address system with a four-channel amplifier, 100 watts and two speaker columns that sold for far less than the competition. Riding the massive success of this groundbreaking P.A. system, Peavey Electronics applied the same philosophy of offering high-quality, durable, and uniquely featured products to power amplifiers, large-scale sound systems, musical instruments, and even loudspeakers themselves.

Peavey revolutionized the process of musical-instrument making by bringing CNC technology to the industry in the mid-1970s. Peavey figured out how to use computers to make guitars that set a new standard for quality and consistency, and was able to offer them to musicians for far less money than the competitor's instruments. This innovation single-handedly brought instrument-making into the modern era, as Peavey's CNC practice became the industry standard.Always a proactive innovator and industry leader, Peavey continues to develop new products and categories that, without a doubt, will leave their indelible influence in the industry for a long time to come.