Home Theater Installation and Consumer Electronics

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Be Ready For Summer - Shop Outdoor Speakers Today!
Be Ready For Summer - Shop Outdoor Speakers Today!

The Industry Innovator.

Since 1975, Panamax has been #1 in the development and introduction of innovative products and services in the power management category for consumer electronics. Our Product Innovations Include: The first to introduce automatic over/under voltage protection, resulting in fewer service calls and maximum longevity of connected equipment. Introduced modular protection systems that address a wide variety of AC and other signal line combinations, allowing customers to expand their protection as needs grow. The first to combine AC and telephone/modem protection, AC and coax cable protection (CATV and Satellite), protection specifically for satellite systems, and AC and LAN/data line protection. Customer Service First: To support our customers, we invented the Lifetime Connected Equipment Protection Policy. It’s still the best warranty in the business! Panamax Solutions: So much more than surge protection, Panamax has been solving power management problems for over 40 years. The same engineering expertise and innovation that developed our award-winning, patent-packed products are built into the next generation of cutting-edge technology solutions for a wide variety of electronics applications. Install with confidence with the best in power and energy management.

Optimal Performance.

Equipment Protection. 

Superior Technology.

Home Theater is an essential addition to your home experience, and building a surround sound environment has never been easier. Directed Soundfield™ speakers are particularly well-suited for Home Theater because of their ability to focus the sound towards the listeners from above. Choose any of our 7” or 8” PR or HD models for your Left/Center/Right channels. Each LCR has features to enhance the sound for the position they are in. Then add any FX speaker to complete the ambiance portion of your system. And our in-wall models are equally engineered to address specific application requirements and performance characteristics. Niles has the right loudspeaker for any theater system you can imagine.

Ideal Listening: Patented Directed Soundfield™ technology directs the sound to the listening area, regardless of where the loudspeakers are installed. Unobtrusive Appearance: Rustproof and paintable MicroThin™ loudspeaker grilles mount flush to the ceiling or wall to seamlessly blend with the room’s décor. Superb Sound Quality: IMPACT (Improved Aluminum Ceramic Technology) woofers and tweeters and other advanced materials ensure superb sound resolution. Higher Output, Lower Distortion: Precision crossover networks, copper shorting caps, and Kapton voice coil formers easily handle the demands of digital music and home theater. Install with Confidence: Patented, spring-tensioned mounting clamps simplify installation and compensate for expanding and contracting mounting surfaces.

Isolated Outlet Banks: Noise throughout a household or Audio/Video system is a legitimate performance robbing issue. Adding an AC line conditioner reduces or practically eliminates AC line noise, however connected AV products are sources of noise themselves. Whether it’s a gaming console, DVD player, audio receiver, HTPC (or media center), these are sources of noise themselves. With outlets in pairs, isolated outlet banks offer additional filtration by outfitting particular banks with independent filtration circuits. Noise generated by associated devices in an AV system is isolated from other devices connected to adjacent banks, thereby further reducing the AC line noise effecting precious components.