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Panamax M5400-PM 11 Outlet Home Theater Power Conditioner

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Panamax M5400-PM 11 Outlet Home Theater Power Conditioner

The Panamax M5400-PM 11 AC Outlets delivers high-level protection for your audio/video system. It guards against harmful spikes and maintains outgoing current at a consistent, optimal level, giving you pure, noise-free picture and sound. The 5400-PM can safeguard up to 11 components, and it includes a protected front-panel USB charger for your MP3 player, cell phone or another portable electronic device. The Panamax M5400-PM features 1 front-panel "Always On" AC outlet, 4 rear-panel "Always On" Linear Filtered outlets divided into two separate banks with voltage regulation, 4 rear-panel "Switched" Linear Filtered AC outlets also divided into two separate banks with voltage regulation, and 2 rear-panel "Switched/Delayed High Current" AC outlets.

Product Highlights:

  • 11 AC outlets with 5 isolated banks:
  • Two isolated banks of two switched outlets
  • Two isolated banks of two always-on outlets
  • One isolated bank of two switched high-current outlets with delayed on/off
  • One front-panel convenience outlet
  • Front-panel USB charger
  • Voltage regulation circuitry ensures that your system receives a consistent, optimal amount of power
  • Surge and over- and under-voltage protection
  • Filtration circuitry virtually eliminates line noise
  • Three sets of coaxial RF connections for cable/satellite/TV antenna
  • Two sets of RJ-45 Ethernet line inputs and outputs, including one front-panel connection
  • RJ-11 phone line input and output
  • 12-volt trigger input for delayed outlets
  • Front-panel digital voltmeter and ammeter
  • 2125-joule surge protection
  • Maximum current rating: 15 amps
  • Dimensions (WxHxD):17"W x 4-1/4"H x 14-1/4"D
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Our 30-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # M5400


Controls And Indicators

Front Panel:

  • Power Button: Powers Bank 3, 4 and 5 outlets on and off.
  • Dimmer/Meter Button: Adjusts brightness level of unit's front panel lights and voltmeter. Also toggles the Ammeter display between Volts-Out and Amps.
  • Digital Voltmeter: Digital LED voltmeter indicates the incoming line voltage.
  • Digital Volts Out/Ammeter: The unit's Digital Volts Out/Ammeter shows the voltage the unit is providing to connected components.
  • Outlet Bank Power LEDs: Bank 1, Bank 2, Bank 3, Bank 4 and Bank 5 each have a corresponding LED indicator to indicate they are turned on.
  • Wiring OK: This LED illuminates to indicate that the wall outlet is properly grounded and Line/Neutral polarity is correct.

Rear Panel:

  • Circuit Breaker: Resets M5400-PM.
  • Bank 1 & 2 On LED: This LED illuminates when there is power present on the Bank 1 and 2 receptacles.


What's in the box:

  • Surge suppressor/power line conditioner
  • 10' AC power cord (IEC C-13 plug)
  • 2 Rack mount brackets
  • 4 Machine screws
  • 4 Plastic washers
  • 42" coaxial cable
  • 48" Ethernet cable (has an RJ45 connector on each end)
  • 49" Telephone cable (has an RJ11 connector on each end)
  • Owner's Guide (English/Spanish/French)