Panamax M5400-PM 11 Outlet Home Theater Power Line Conditioner, Surge Protector & Voltage Regulator


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Panamax M5400-PM 11 Outlet Home Theater Power Conditioner


The Panamax M5400-PM delivers high-level protection for your audio/video system. It guards against harmful spikes and maintains outgoing current at a consistent, optimal level, giving you pure, noise-free picture and sound. The 5400-PM can safeguard up to 11 components, and it includes a protected front-panel USB charger for your MP3 player, cell phone or another portable electronic device.



  • - 11 AC outlets with 5 isolated banks:

    • - Two isolated banks of two switched outlets

    • - Two isolated banks of two always-on outlets

    • - One isolated bank of two switched high-current outlets with delayed on/off

    • - One front-panel convenience outlet

  • - Front-panel USB charger

  • - Voltage regulation circuitry ensures that your system receives a consistent, optimal amount of power

  • - Surge and over- and under-voltage protection

  • - Filtration circuitry virtually eliminates line noise

  • - Three sets of coaxial RF connections for cable/satellite/TV antenna

  • - Two sets of RJ-45 Ethernet line inputs and outputs, including one front-panel connection

  • - RJ-11 phone line input and output

  • - 12-volt trigger input for delayed outlets

  • - Front-panel digital voltmeter and ammeter

  • - 2125-joule surge protection

  • - Maximum current rating: 15 amps

  • - 17"W x 4-1/4"H x 14-1/4"D

  • - Warranty: 3 years



1 AC Outlets: 


The Panamax M5400-PM features 1 front-panel "Always On" AC outlet, 4 rear-panel "Always On" Linear Filtered outlets divided into two separate banks with voltage regulation, 4 rear-panel "Switched" Linear Filtered AC outlets also divided into two separate banks with voltage regulation, and 2 rear-panel "Switched/Delayed High Current" AC outlets.


  • - High Current Outlets: The unit's two High Current Outlets provide power from a low impedance noise filtration circuit that does not limit the current to your equipment. Its output is noise isolated from all of the other outlets.


  • - Voltage Regulated Linear Noise Filtration Outlets (Switched): The unit's four switched Linear Noise Filtration Outlets are divided into two separate banks and are controlled by the front panel Power Button or the DC Trigger input. These outlets will turn on immediately and turn off after 10 seconds. LiFT EMI/RFI noise filtration is provided by a two-stage balanced Pi filter which also provides noise isolation from the other outlet banks.


  • - Voltage Regulated Linear Noise Filtration Outlets (Always On): The units four "always on" Liner Noise Filtration Outlets are divided into two separate banks and will only power off during a fault condition (under-voltage/over-voltage). Power is cleaned from these outlets by a two-stage balanced Pi filter which also provides noise isolation from the other outlet banks.


  • - Gaming Outlet: The M5400-PM features a convenient AC outlet located on the front-panel for connecting your gaming system temporarily.



Level 4+ Power Cleaning And Filtration: 

Level 4+ Power Cleaning and Filtration eliminates common symptoms of contaminated power (including loss of detail, pops, hisses, hums and visual artifacts) and allows your A/V equipment to perform up to its full capability.


Voltage Regulation: 

The M5400-PM features voltage regulation which improves your audio/video system's performance and prolongs your equipment's life by providing a consistent level of optimal power to all your connected equipment.


Automatic/Visual Voltage Monitoring Circuitry:

 Panamax's patent pending AVM circuitry continuously monitors the incoming power as displayed on the unit's digital voltmeter. In case of an under-voltage or an over-voltage, a flashing red lightning bolt will be displayed in the voltmeter, and power to the connected equipment is automatically turned off if either of these conditions is detected. When voltage returns to a safe level, power to the equipment is automatically reconnected.


Cross-Contamination Reduction: 

The M5400-PM is designed to provide noise isolation between 5 isolated outlet banks including 2 high current outlets so that any noise created by an A/V component can not contaminate the power going to equipment plugged into another outlet bank.


Power Sequencing: 

The M5400-PM features Power Sequencing to guard against blown fuses and potential damaging speaker thump by automatically power outlets on and off in sequence. This feature minimizes in rush current issues by allowing the components plugged into the Switched Outlet Banks to power-up and stabilize before any amplifier and powered subwoofers are turned on. This sequence is reversed during shutdown. The amplifier and powered subwoofers turn off, their power supplies drain and then the equipment plugged into the Switched Outlet Banks are turned off.


Voltage Sense Trigger Input/Output: 

The M5400-PM voltage sense trigger input and output uses a standard 3.5mm (1/8") mini-mono plug. This feature provides an On/Off trigger for the M5400-PM using a direct current voltage signal. You can connect the DC Trigger Input to a remote trigger device that uses a DC output to trigger a start-up/shutdown sequence. The DC Trigger Output can be connected to a remote trigger device that uses a DC trigger input to pass the M5400-PM's startup/shutdown sequence to an additional device.


HD Ready Coax Jacks:

 The unit's bi-directional coaxial protection circuits achieve optimum signal quality from newly designed connectors that have less than 0.5 dB of attenuation from 0Hz to 2.2GHz. The unit's clamping level of 75V will meet the demands of both cable and satellite voltage while minimizing exposure to damaging spikes and surges.


Phone Jacks:

 The unit features an RJ-11 input and output for protecting your standard telephone or pay-per-view lines. The Phone circuit is auto-resetting.


LAN Jacks:

 The M5400-PM is equipped with two RJ-45 LAN inputs and one RJ-45 LAN output on it rear panel; and a bi-directional RJ-45 LAN jack on its front panel. The LAN protection circuits are designed for 1-/100 baseT Ethernet lines. The front-panel bi-directional LAN jack is an Ethernet pass-thru connection between the units front and rear panel. The front panel LAN port is also great for on-line gaming.


USB Charger: 

The M5400-PM features a front-panel USB type-A port for charging your MP3 player, cell phone, or other small electronic.


Digital Voltmeter: 

The M5400-PM features a front-panel Digital Voltmeter which monitors the voltage supplying your home theater equipment. If line voltage drops below 90VAC, or if the line voltage exceeds 142VAC, the display will turn off and the "unsafe voltage" indicator will flash indicating and unsafe voltage condition.


Digital Volts Out/Ammeter: 

The M5400-PM features a front-panel Digital Volts Out/Ammeter which shows the voltage the unit is proving to connected components or the actual current draw (0-15A) of your system, giving a visual reference as to how your system is functioning under a variety of conditions. The display will flash if the unit is out of regulation.


Outlet Bank Power LEDs: 

Each bank of outlets feature a corresponding Blue LED indicator. These LEDs indicate the status of the corresponding rear panel outlets. The LED will be lit when the outlets are turned On. They will flash during the startup and shutdown process.


Circuit Breaker: 

A circuit breaker is located on the back panel of the M5400-PM. The circuit breaker will trip only if the total current draw exceeds the maximum current rating (15A). This means that collectively, all outlets must draw more than 15 amps before the circuit breaker will trip.


Rack-Mount Brackets:

 The M5400-PM comes with rack-mount brackets to mount it in a 1U rack space.


$5,000,000 Lifetime Connected Equipment Warranty: Panamax will replace, pay to replace at fair market value, or pay to repair, up to $5,000,000 of equipment that is damaged by an AC surge while connected to a properly installed Panamax surge protector, if the surge protector shows signs of surge damage or is operating outside of design specifications. For coverage conditions and information on how to make a claim, please see the warranty sheet.



Controls And Indicators


Front Panel:


  • - Power Button: Powers Bank 3, 4 and 5 outlets on and off.

  • - Dimmer/Meter Button: Adjusts brightness level of unit's front panel lights and voltmeter. Also toggles the Ammeter display between Volts-Out and Amps.

  • - Digital Voltmeter: Digital LED voltmeter indicates the incoming line voltage.

  • - Digital Volts Out/Ammeter: The unit's Digital Volts Out/Ammeter shows the voltage the unit is providing to connected components.

  • - Outlet Bank Power LEDs: Bank 1, Bank 2, Bank 3, Bank 4 and Bank 5 each have a corresponding LED indicator to indicate they are turned on.

  • - Wiring OK: This LED illuminates to indicate that the wall outlet is properly grounded and Line/Neutral polarity is correct.



Rear Panel:

  • - Circuit Breaker: Resets M5400-PM.

  • - Bank 1 & 2 On LED: This LED illuminates when there is power present on the Bank 1 and 2 receptacles.





Front Panel:


  • - AC Outlet: Front panel outlet for gaming systems.

  • - USB: USB port for charging portable devices such as MP3 players or cell-phones.

  • - LAN: Bi-directional Ethernet pass-thru connection between the front and rear panel.


Rear Panel:


  • - Voltage Regulation Always On Bank 1: Two always on linear filtered outlets labeled DVR and VCR/AUX.

  • - Voltage Regulation Always On Bank 2: Two always on linear filtered outlets labeled HDTV/Monitor and HD Cable SAT.

  • - Voltage Regulation Switched Bank 3: Two switched outlets with linear filtration controlled by the front panel Power button or the DC Trigger input labeled Digital Radio and Pre Amp.

  • - Voltage Regulation Switched Bank 4: Two switched outlets with linear filtration controlled by the front panel Power button or the DC Trigger input labeled CD and DVD.

  • - High Current Switch Delayed Bank 5: Two switched, high current outlets controlled by the front panel power button or DC Trigger input labeled Receiver and Sub/Amp.

  • - Voltage Sense Trigger Input: 3.5mm mono mini-plug which connects to a remote trigger device that uses a DC output to trigger a startup/shutdown sequence.

  • - Voltage Sense Trigger Output: 3.5mm mini-plug output which allows the input signal to pass through the M5400-PM to control the start-up/shutdown of an additional device.

  • - LAN Jacks: Two RJ-45 inputs and  RJ-45 output for 10/100 baseT Ethernet lines.

  • - Phone Jacks: One RJ-11 input and one RJ-11 output for standard telephone lines.

  • - Coaxial Jacks: 3 pairs of bidirectional treaded female F-type coax terminals

  • - Ground Lug: Gold-plated binding post that provides a common grounding point for equipment with separate ground leads.




AC Power:


  • - Line Voltage: 120VAC, 60Hz

  • - Maximum Current Rating: 15A

  • - UL 1449 Surge Suppression Rating: 330V

  • - Protection Modes: L-N, L-G, N-G

  • - Initial Clamping Level: 200V

  • - Joule Rating: 2125 Joules

  • - Peak Impulse Current: 72,000A

  • - EMI/RFI Noise Filtration:

    • Banks 1, 2, 3, 4: 80dB, 100KHz-2MHz

    • Bank 5 (High Current): 60dB, 100KHz-2MHz

  • - Over-voltage Shutoff Threshold: 142V (+/-8)

  • - Under-voltage Shutoff Threshold: 90V (+/-2)


DC Trigger Input:


  • Jacks: 3.5mm (1/8") mono mini-plug

  • Voltage And Polarity: 3-24V DC, bidirectional

  • Current Requirement: 4.5mA @ 3V, 58mA @ 24V


DC Trigger Output:


  • - Jacks: 3.5mm (1/8") mono mini-plug

  • - Pass Through: no delay


LAN Protection:


  • - Clamping Level: 52V

  • - Connectors: RJ-45

  • - Wires Protected: 8 wires


USB Circuit:


  • - Jacks: USB-A

  • - Power Delivery: 500mA @ 5VDC


Telephone Protection:


  • - Clamping Level: 260V

  • - Capacitance: approximately 30pf

  • - Suppression Modes: metallic and longitudinal

  • - Connections: RJ-11

  • - Wires Protected: 2 wires (4&5)


Universal Cable and Satellite Protection:


  • - Clamping Level: 75V

  • - Insertion Loss: <0.5dB

  • - Bandwidth: 0MHz - 2.2GHz

  • - Connections: Gold-plated female F-type

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