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Be Ready For Summer - Shop Outdoor Speakers Today!
Be Ready For Summer - Shop Outdoor Speakers Today!

Power The Performance.

Furman power products are the most trusted in the world by artists, A/V professionals, the recording industry and technology integration firms for premium power conditioning, protection, regulation, sequencing and distribution. Our clients include hundreds of thousands of the most renowned musicians, recording studios, commercial contractors and touring groups that handle major concert tours across North America and around the globe. They choose Furman products because of the road-tested reputation for reliability, engineering expertise and 40+ years of experience focusing on the specific needs of industry professionals who cannot ever afford equipment failure or downtime. Our brand has earned its reputation of trust around the world thanks to the billions of dollars of equipment saved from power problems and because of our innovative, leading technologies that maximize an A/V system’s power and performance. For our customers, operating a system without the safe, clean power delivered by a Furman unit is simply out of the question. For fans, we put our mind, heart and soul into every product we build because that’s what our customers do with their entertainment and their systems.

Behind The Performance.

Your Sound Is Your Signature.

Bring All The Magic Of The Road Home.

Outstanding performance comes natural to us. Our brand started by designing and manufacturing products for professional musicians, where every single note had to be perfectly delivered. Today, Furman products have become the most trusted in AC power management equipment as the products circle the globe on tour with the top names in touring musicians. It is an honor that they have made Furman a vital part of their sound.

Quality isn’t a spectrum, it’s the pinnacle. And you deserve that. This is why sound engineers worldwide trust Furman equipment to bring out the maximum potential of all connected components. Furman products eliminate noise and interference to let audio and video gear perform at its optimal level, enabling studios and its artists to fully realize their creative visions. A super quiet noise floor is essential to let the soft passages shine. Furman’s Linear Filtration Technology (LiFT™) reduces differential AC noise linearly across a very wide bandwidth to deliver a lower noise floor for your audio system and improved picture on your video display. Meanwhile, the punch of a bass guitar, the dense piano chord, and the ringing cymbal crash, are all audio transients that can require a power amplifier to provide more current than is available to reproduce the signal. 

Legendary artists and professional recording studios rely on Furman products. And now you can too. Your clients expect top performance from the audio and video systems you install, and we help you deliver. Today’s A/V technologies are more sophisticated than ever, but the AC grid that powers our equipment is increasingly overtaxed and often out of date. AC problems can cause home entertainment performance issues, reduced reliability and even damage sensitive, costly components. Furman product solutions are engineered to address today’s real-world needs and bring all the power to the people – wherever they are.