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Be Ready For Summer - Shop Outdoor Speakers Today!
Be Ready For Summer - Shop Outdoor Speakers Today!

Our Philosophy of Sonic Perfection.

GoldenEar’s founders, Sandy Gross and Don Givogue, and their engineering team, including head of engineering Bob Johnston, have literally hundreds of years of combined experience and have created or helped to create many of the world’s best-sounding and best-selling loudspeakers. We have joined together again to build our finest speakers ever. We call our newest loudspeaker company GoldenEar Technology because, in our industry, a “golden ear” is someone who hears exceptionally well. Because we do, the industry and audiophile press have consistently praised us over the years for our “golden ears” and all the many loudspeaker accomplishments that our unique talents have helped us to achieve. 

The GoldenEar Sound

Key Performance Factors.

Achieving Suspension Of Disbelief.

We are often asked to describe the sound of our speakers. A simple answer would be that they are designed to sound like nothing except what is being played through them. Of course, a perfect loudspeaker would have no sound of its own and we do strive for perfection. But nothing is perfect, however, and so we would like to address this question by coming at it from several different directions.

First, and most important to us, is the concept of “suspension of disbelief.” What we mean by this is the ability of the loudspeakers, and of course the whole audio system, to in effect disappear and allow you to forget that you are listening to a recording in your room. In other words, to “suspend the disbelief” that it is not real and allow you to believe that you are actually in the space where the musicians are performing or where the movie action up on the screen is happening. A really good audio system and truly great speakers are capable of achieving this. In fact with movies, it is the sound system and not the picture that frees up your disbelief and allows you to feel like you are really part of the action. “Suspension of disbelief” is the key to great, lifelike sound and this has always been the primary goal when we create our speakers.

For us, the secret lies in the imaging qualities of a system. Imaging is a quality that cannot be measured. It can only be heard and experienced. Achieving great imaging is more of an art than a science. Imaging is the ability of a sound system to place the sonic events of a recording accurately around the room without regard to the physical locations of the speakers, thus replicating the reality of the original sonic event and soundfield. A truly great loudspeaker system will disappear and the sound will seem to float in the air with tremendously lifelike height, width and depth. We refer to this as a three-dimensional soundstage and speakers that excel at it, such as GoldenEar’s, deliver a sonic three-dimensionality that can be almost frightening in its realism.