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State Of The Art Living Experience.

LG SIGNATURE embodies the relentless pursuit of greatness by making its contributions readily identifiable. True greatness is seen only when product’s core essence remains uncompromised. Our passion to preserve the essence from the birth of the idea to the customer experience makes LG SIGNATURE stand apart from others.

Leading Craftsmanship Starts At The Essence. 

Great Designs Must Be Experienced.

True Class Defined By True Performance.

LG SIGNATURE highlights the true extent of LG’s innovation leadership and the company’s passion for consumer-centric insights that drive the evolution of life. The exquisite lineup has been carefully crafted by leading experts, undergoing a strictly in-depth evaluation process.

LG SIGNATURE’s design philosophy was inspired by the visualization of each product’s pure essence. By eliminating unnecessary elements, LG SIGNATURE represents the ultimate in elegant simplicity. Its radical design heightens the intrinsic purpose of the product and streamlines usability.

LG SIGNATURE provides new ways to experience the essence, providing an experience that is much more intuitive, responsive and functional than ever before. LG SIGNATURE simplifies daily life and enables smarter living by implementing the most forward-thinking technologies.