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Sonos Move 2

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Sonos Move 2

Portable Smart Speaker with 24-Hour Battery Life, with built-in Amazon Alexa, Apple AirPlay 2, and Bluetooth


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Sonos Move 2 is a portable WiFI, Bluetooth speaker that can wirelessly connect to your Sonos eco-system. The Sonos Move 2 is dustproof and water-resistant, so it can withstand raindrops or snowfall. Its built-in rechargeable battery can deliver up to 24 hours of playback. The Sonos Move 2 has IP56 rating, so it can be utilized indoors or outdoors. The IP56 rating makes the Sonos Move 2 resistant to water, dust very fine particles (such as dust) and heavy liquid splashing (including light rain and snowfall). Upgraded inside and out, Sonos most powerful portable speaker MOVE2 delivers heart-pumping stereo sound wherever you want.

Product Highlights:

  • WiFi and Bluetooth Streaming with Multi-room Capability
  • IP56 for Indoor & Outdoor Listening, Up to 24 Hours Playtime
  • Connects with the Rest of Your Sonos System in Your Home
  • Enjoy up to 24 hours of non-stop playback.
  • Apple AirPlay® 2 lets you stream directly from an iPhone® or iPad® and ask Siri to play Apple Music.
  • IP56-rated dustproof and water-resistant.
  • Built-in array of far-field microphones.
  • Automatic Trueplay tuning adjusts speaker to the space it's in for optimum performance.
  • Two angled tweeters and one woofer, each with its own Class D amplifier.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 24 hours.
  • Sonos Radio built in
  • Configure two Sonos Move 2 speakers for stereo playback (requires connection to Wi-Fi)
  • Top-mounted controls for volume, play, pause, skip, and mute
  • Built-in handle
  • Built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 24 hours]
  • Bharging base included
  • Dimensions: 6-5/16"W x 9-1/2"H x 5"D
  • Weight: 6.77 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • 30-day returns
  • MFR # MOVE2US1

Sonos Wireless Multiroom Audio Eco-System
The Sonos Move 2 is part of the Sonos wireless multiroom audio eco-system speakers, players, and amplifiers. Start with a single Sonos product and add more Sonos products over time. With multiple zones, you can play the same or different songs in different rooms of your home. Up to 32 Sonos devices and 16 groups can be connected in one system. The Sonos Move 2 is compatible with the new Sonos S2 operating system (OS) and does not support the older Sonos S1 operating system (OS).

Trueplay Tuning
To help ensure that you are enjoying the best possible listening experience, no matter where you are, Sonos incorporates their Trueplay technology. Trueplay automatically and continuously optimizes audio performance based on what you're playing and the environment you're in. it does this via the speakers' built-in far-field microphone array, which uses both beamforming and multi-channel echo cancellation.

Wireless and Wired Playback
You have the option of streaming music through the Move 2 at home through your Wi-Fi network, or you can stream via Bluetooth form a mobile device when on the go. The Move 2 supports dual-band Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and Bluetooth 5.0 technologies. For a wired option, you can use the Move 2 with the optional Sonos Line-in Adapter, which lets you use an optional aux audio cable for connecting a turntable and other wired devices. For a wired internet connection, you can use the Move 2 with the optional Sonos Combo Adapter to connect it to your network via Ethernet.

All-Day Battery Life
Upgraded the SONOS Move 2 can play up to 24 hours of music on a single charge. When it's time to recharge, use the included wireless charging base or an optional USB PD adapter. Another upgrade for the second generation is a more compact AC adapter and detachable power cable.

Works with Sonos Speakers
The Move 2 can work alone or with other Sonos speakers. Stereo pairing lets you pair two Move 2 speakers together for a larger soundstage, and the Move 2 can work with your existing Sonos system as part of a multiroom audio solution.

Environmentally Friendly
With an environmentally friendly design, the second generation Move 2 has a reduced idle power consumption by approximately 30%, is built from recycled plastics, and features a replaceable battery.



What's the difference between Move 2 and Move?
Move 2 features a new acoustic architecture with an additional tweeter for stereo sound, SONOS Move 2 has a more powerful battery for 24 hours of playback time (Orignal Move was 11 hrs), updated touch controls, the option to connect a turntable or other audio source with the Sonos Line-In Adapter, an upgraded Wireless Charging Base with a detachable and more compact adapter, the coexistence of WiFi and Bluetooth so you can play Bluetooth audio to the rest of your Sonos system, and more.

Does Move 2 support stereo pairing?
While connected to your home WiFi network, you can use the Sonos app to pair two speakers for even wider and more detailed sound. NOTE: portable speakers cannot be used for surround sound in a Sonos home theater system.

Can I stereo pair Move 2 and Move?
Because Move 2 features an additional tweeter, it will not stereo pair with old Move Speaker. You can group both speakers to play in sync for multiroom listening or to fill a larger space.

Will the Move 2 Wireless Charging Base work with the Move Wireless Charging Base?
Yes. Both bases can be used to charge either product. Note the colors for the Move 2 Wireless Charging Base differ from the Move Wireless Charging Base.

Can I use the Move 2 replacement battery with Move?
Yes. The replacement battery for Move 2 will work with Move for improved playback time.

Will Move 2 pair with a subwoofer?
Move 2 will not pair with a Sonos subwoofer. Because the speaker is designed to move around your home, pairing with a subwoofer would result in imbalanced sound, with mid and high frequencies in one room and bass in another or breaking the bonding whenever you put Move 2 in a new location.

Can I use Bluetooth as soon as I unbox Move 2?
Move 2 must first be set up on WiFi using the Sonos app. Following setup, you can easily pair a Bluetooth device by pressing the button on the back of the speaker.

What's the difference between Bluetooth and WiFi?
A WiFi connection provides the best listening experience, allowing you to stream lossless audio from anywhere in your home. Bluetooth allows you to quickly connect a phone, tablet, or laptop to your speaker and stream directly from the paired device within a limited range.

Can I connect my turntable or other audio source to Move 2?
Yes, you can connect any audio source with 3.5 mm line output, such as a turntable, computer, or CD player with the Sonos Line-In Adapter. You will also need a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable (not included).

Can I connect Move 2 to my TV?
Bluetooth and line-in connections are not intended for use with a TV and will result in latency and/or lip sync issues. What can I do with the USB-C port?
The USB-C port is designed for line in and ethernet connections using the Sonos Line-In Adapter or Combo Adapter. You can also use it to charge small devices, such as your smartphone.

How can I use Sonos Voice Control on Bluetooth?
You can use Sonos Voice Control and Amazon Alexa in supported countries and languages. Both services must be added in the Sonos app.