KICKER 46KRC12 Marine Remote Control Commander for The KMC2, KMC3, KMC4 & KMC5


  • $ 49.95

Kicker 46KRC12 Marine Remote Control Commander For The Kicker KMC2, KMC3, KMC4 & KMC5 Control your music from anywhere (that you mount this remote)! Total Convenience - Have a remote control anywhere and everywhere you want. The KRC12 remote lets you change your music with the flick of a knob! Accessorize - KICKER also offers marine accessories that make the KRC12 even more convenient, like a KRCEXT25 25-foot extension cable (sold separately) making control easy from the far corners of a boat. The KRCY1 Y-cable splitter (sold separately) lets you add multiple remotes around your boat. Volume/Track/Station/Source Control included Mount as many KRC12s as you need, wherever you need them Fully marinized and ready for the water with an IP66 rating Easily control your sound while cruising