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Polk Legend L400 Premium Center Channel Speaker (Black Ash)

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Polk Legend L400 Premium Center Channel Speaker (Black Ash)

Often overlooked, the center channel speaker is a vitally important part of your home theater setup. The Legend center channel speaker features newly created technologies like a 4” Turbine Cone, a 1” Pinnacle tweeter oriented vertically to maximize dispersion, two 6 ½’ woofers and enhanced Power Port will place you in the center of the action. Feel, hear and understand every word.

Polk Legend L400 Product Highlights:

  • Designed for Today’s Home Theater: Fully compatible with: Dolby Atmos, DTS, DTS:X, DTS:X Virtual, Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization Technology, IMAX Enhanced and AURO 3D content.
  • New 1” Pinnacle Tweeter design: 40 + years of tweeter innovation, design and prototyping has led to the new 1” high definition Pinnacle ring radiator tweeter. Developed by Polk Audio, it delivers ultra-clear, crisp highs without unwanted coloration or distortions. Hi-Res certified, the Pinnacle Tweeter is designed for today’s two-channel music listening as well as multi-channel 3D audio found in movies, sports, and video game soundtracks.
  • New 4” Turbine Cone MidRange Driver: Polk developed the new Turbine cone specifically for the Legend series to ensure the natural reproduction of the mid-range, the frequencies our ears are so sensitive to. The Turbine cone combines Polk’s proprietary foam core and the molded Turbine geometry which dramatically increases stiffness and damping, without adding mass, resulting in a smooth, detailed mid-range.
  • 6 ½” Mid-Woofers for Deep Bass: Polk L400 center channel features two 6 ½” mid-woofers that extend the lower midrange and bass response of your center channel. From dialogue to explosions, the Polk L400 center channel is full-range to ensure that all center channel content is locked to your screen
  • High-Resolution Audio Performance: Multi-channel music sounds amazing with the L400. Your sound is only as good as your source, and with High-Resolution certification, the Polk Legend L400 delivers clear and detailed high-end response.
  • Our 30-day money back guarantee
  • MFR # AM8640-A

 What's In The Box:

  • Center-channel loudspeaker
  • Grille
  • 2 Jumper-wires
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Owner's Manual
  • Online Registration