Knirps 811 X1 Pod Compact Umbrella, Small (Black)


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An umbrella built on durability and style. Built for strength and wind resistance. Knirps, the iconic German company that invented the folding umbrella, now re-invents it with fashion prints, fresh colors, innovative engineering and unsurpassed quality. The word Knirps actually means 'little one' in German, and ever since the company invented the folding umbrella in 1928, it has set the worldwide standard for designing umbrellas that are not only 'little,' but fashionable and durable as well. Knirps offers a full range of models, from handy compacts to over-sized canopies, providing multiple options for reliable protection against the rain. There is a Knirps umbrella for every type of weather, use and look. Once you experience what Knirps design is all about, you may just change your whole outlook on rainy days. Knirps is made with high-grade aluminum, just one grade below aircraft grade, and the structural integrity will withstand high winds. Our umbrellas are lined with zinc for additional strength and flexibility, as well as tiny copper rings that prevent component parts from grinding together. The octagonal tube profile minimizes rotation, thereby insuring years of smooth, reliable operation. Unlike many umbrellas, a Knirps features a tapered shaft that is thickest near the canopy, which takes the brunt of wind’s effect. Secure Handles Knirps umbrellas are firmly secured to the shaft with rivets, and are ergonomically comfortable. The no-slip grips come in handy if the handle gets wet, insuring that the umbrella won't slip from your grasp. Knirps is made with a unique, flat-weave polyester that repels water. Water is not able to soak into the fabric, and dries almost instantly. No more soggy umbrellas in the corner! Knirps umbrella ribs are made with a combination of aluminum and fiberglass. They can flex with the wind from any direction, and snap right back into place. They can even flip completely inside out and back again – good as new. Most Knirps models are supported by eight stout ribs, which provides greater strength and coverage area than the usual six or seven rib umbrellas. A Knirps umbrella’s inherent mechanical soundness insures that all of its components perform together with matchless strength and efficiency. Knirps offers a full range of models, providing multiple options for reliable protection against the rain. There is a Knirps umbrella for every type of weather, use and look. Our company mandates that all product decisions be made not only on the basis of price and quality, but also with regard to whether products can be produced in manner which has minimal impact upon the environment, with fair compensation and working conditions provided to all involved in the production process.