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Kicker CX SR 4CH 4x90W
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Kicker CX SR 4CH 4x90W

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Kicker CXA360.4 4x90 Watt 4-Channel Full-Range Amplifier


This CX-Series Amplifier delivers as much as 90 watts into four full-range channels, or 180 watts into two bridged channels




Using Class A/B power, this amp features a variable bass boost with KickEQ, giving you as much as a 6dB of extra bump. A powerful 12dB crossover is also included, letting you quickly tune your system to perfection. CX-Series Amplifiers accept up to 40 volts (400 watts) of speaker-level input signal. This kind of flexibility both makes line-out converters unnecessary and optimizes your sound quality at the same time! Highly efficient heat sinks keep the amp cool with a sophisticated new look, while KICKER’s FIT+ (Fail-safe Integration Technology-PLUS), gives you outstanding noise rejection - even with premium factory audio systems.



Product Details:


  • - Class A/B full-range channels
  • - Three-second turn-on/off delay to eliminate unwanted interference
  • - Variable 12dB crossovers provides control to dial in perfect sound
  • - KickEQ 6dB variable bass boost for those additional low frequencies
  • - FIT+ (Fail-safe Integration Technology-PLUS) means it works with nearly every radio
  • - Accepts up to 40-volt input signal
  • - Small footprint for easier installation
  • - Vertical mounting hardware included for another unique look


Parts Included:


  • (1) Kicker CXA360.4 4x90 Watt 4-Channel Full-Range Amplifier