AudioQuest CleanScreen TV Screen Cleaning Kit


  • $ 22.95

AudioQuest CleanScreen TV Screen Cleaning Kit



Full and travel-size bottles of CleanScreen cleaning fluid include a microfiber cloth for each and a retractable brush that can be used as a pre-cleaner or as a daily dust cleaner. CleanScreen's microfiber filaments are so fine that a single ounce of this material could be strung over 160 miles long. While extremely soft and safe for screens, the CleanScreen microfiber cloth's "pineapple" texture increases absorbency and reduces drying time. Also included is a retractable brush that's intended to be used as a "pre-cleaner" to remove particles, but is also effective as a daily duster for laptops and keyboards.
  • - Master Bottle - Good for 450 Big Screens (150ml)
  • - Big Microfiber "Pineapple" Cloth
  • - Travel-Size Bottle (10ml)
  • - Small Microfiber "Pineapple" Cloth
  • - Retractable Soft Cleaning Brush


What's in the Box:


  • CleanScreen Kit
      • - Full-size CleanScreen cleaning fluid
      • - Travel-size CleanScreen cleaning fluid
      • - Microfiber cloth
      • - Retractable brush