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Yamaha CD-S3000 SACD/CD Player with DAC (Black)

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$ 5,999.95
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Yamaha CD-S3000 SACD/CD Player with DAC (Black)

The black Yamaha CD-S3000 Natural Sound CD Player was created with care to ensure rigidity with superior vibration control properties and ultra-precise reading to draw out all the music recorded to the disc. Yamaha incorporated a drive mechanism with added heavy anchors for Yamaha's own original loader mechanism. Installing it on the chassis through the heavy anchors in front of and behind the loader mechanism achieves the highest rigidity and blocks the effects of vibrations from outside. At the same time, it also prevents vibration caused by rotation of the disc from affecting the circuit board. The anchor on the front features two layers and a screw-based adjustment mechanism. This allows for highly precise adjustment of the horizontal level of the front-back and left-right sides of the loader mechanism. The CD-S3000 is assembled by first attaching the drive mechanism to the chassis, then carefully performing minute horizontal adjustments. These efforts eliminate any minute tilting of the mechanism, achieving stable rotation and ultra-precise signal reading. Reducing the load of the servo which drives the pickup, in order to minimize the impact of servo current changes to the signal, provides a clean signal output that is virtually unaffected by noise. In addition, the loader mechanism has a structure in which a highly rigid chassis designed for integration with the loader mechanism supports the entire CD drive. Moreover, Yamaha applied only the strictest selection of parts for the pickup, which aims a beam of light at the disc as it rotates at high speed to read the signals and a drive mechanism which stably rotates the disc. This is how audio data on the disc is read with high precision to achieve the highest purity in reproduction.

Product Highlights:

  • Single-Disc Tray
  • 24-Bit/192 kHz ES9018 SABRE32 Ultra DAC
  • Plays CDs and Super Audio CDs (SACD)
  • TOSLINK, Digital Coaxial & USB Inputs
  • Stereo RCA & Balanced XLR Outputs
  • TOSLINK & Digital Coaxial Outputs
  • Heavy Anti-Vibration Feet
  • Independent Digital & Analog Circuits
  • Includes Remote Control
  • Our 30-day money back guarantee
  • MFR # CD-S3000BL