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Sennheiser TV Clear Set True Wireless Earbuds & TV Connector

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Sennheiser TV Clear Set True Wireless Earbuds & TV Connector

A new era of television has started with the TV Clear Set from Sennheiser. Not only does it provide an incomparable clear sound when watching TV, it also lets you effortlessly follow conversations. In other words, incomprehensible dialogues on TV are finally a thing of the past with these wireless earphones. Five different listening profiles are available, allowing you to individually adjust the speech clarity through the respective frequency amplification. The Passive Noise Cancellation blocks out ambient noise, so that you can enjoy your TV show, distraction-free. However, if you want to hear these background noises, simply activate the Ambient Awareness function. These TV earphones not only improve the clarity of speech, but also offer a smart combination of minimalist design and maximum comfort. They perfectly mold to the ears, and their light design makes them extremely comfortable to wear. In addition, a transmitter is included in the scope of delivery to simplify the connection with the TV set. 

Sennheiser TV Clear Set True Wireless Earbuds & TV Connector Product Highlights:

  • Designed for clear, distinct sound when watching TV: The headset offers five different listening profiles to improve speech clarity - ideal for those who want to optimize their TV listening experience.
  • Adjust your surroundings according to your needs: The Ambient Awareness mode allows background noises to be heard - the Passive Noise Cancellation lets you suppress them if desired.
  • Highly comfortable and easy to use: Compact and lightweight design with a personalized fit, ideal for people with glasses - the volume can be conveniently adjusted on the earphones.
  • Easy wireless connection: The noise-cancelling headset can be connected to the TV via the TV Connector - to use your mobile phone or tablet hands-free, simply connect via Bluetooth.
  • Wireless earphones with up to 37 hours of playback time: Charge via their case or through the convenient induction charging function (Qi) which has an integrated "Find My Earbuds" search feature.
  • Included components: Pair of earbuds Ear adapter sets (size 1/2/3) Charging case & USB-C cable Transmitter “TV Connector” & micro-USB cable 3.5mm and optical audio cable Quick guide & safety guide
  • Our 30-day money back guarantee
  • MFR # 119-3011-0610