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a New Brand of Honduran Coffee.

"Seeking a new challenge and the opportunity to create a passion-driven business, I started on a new path. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always appreciated a good cup of coffee; while visiting Honduras, I was amazed and inspired by the quality of their café. I spent the next few years travelling all over Latin America around coffee farms, learning about the industry and trying to figure out what makes the perfect cup. I realized that there is a huge potential to share the pure taste of café through specialty coffee -- still mostly unknown in to western market. This is when I decided to create a coffee company that delivers only the best and most pure beans. During one of my travels with my friend Kathya, we decided to join forces to deliver high-end specialty coffee at affordable prices." PAUL GROMEK - CEO

Respect Is At The Root of Our Coffee.

Quality Over Quantity.

Inspirational Taste.

Respect is at the root of our coffee -- respect for skilled growers, inspired sippers, dedicated staff, and each coffee tree itself. We source all beans from independent farmers in Honduras, whose coffee-growing experience goes back generations. Reversing the industry-standard supply chain economy, we pay fair wages to growers and even re-invest our own profits back into our farms, freeing our farmers to do what they do best: diligent and meticulous, quality organic growing. 

Our farms are all located at high-altitudes of around 5,000ft, where trees’ slower maturation allows more time for their fruit to reach optimal sweetness. Just as careful in our harvest, we choose only the top 1% of beans, measuring the cherries’ sweetness with a refractometer and hand-plucking only the fruits that qualify between 18 and 20 degrees Brix. In the art of drying, each bean is carefully monitored to reach optimal condition without damage to flavor and integrity -- whether using sun-driven techniques like natural and honey, or the more standardized washed process. Because our farms are all micro-lots, and thus process beans only in micro batches, we commit never to value quantity over quality. 

The Spirit Animal coffee that you receive is therefore the product of a different coffee industry, and the agent of a cultural change. It’s a new breed of café-- combining inspirational taste and sustainable reciprocity, for a stirring experience of proudly bold sipping.  

Spirit Animal

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