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Be Ready For Summer - Shop Outdoor Speakers Today!

Built On Quality.

Our story begins over 75 years ago, when founder A. A. DeFehr began selling handmade wooden furniture out of his home in rural Manitoba, Canada. Today, the Palliser brand has grown but our values remain the same. From our headquarters in Winnipeg, Canada, we are committed to providing exceptional and enduring handcrafted home furnishings to customers around the world. An obsession with quality drives everything we do. Every piece of Palliser furniture is created with care by skilled artisans and made to be loved for generations.

We're Quality Obsessed.

Our Vision Is To Be Extraordinary.

We Value The Environment.

Every furnishing we build is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, handcrafted by a world-class team of talented craftsmen. We start with the finest materials, employ the most technologically advanced production methods, and embrace continuous improvement to exceed our own world-class standards.

Since our founding in 1944, we've focused on creating exceptional products for the entire home and delivering meaningful value to our customers. Today, we are committed to achieving this vision at every step in the process, from design through delivery. Our values shine through in all that we do, but particularly in how we treat one another. We view every interaction as an opportunity to learn, grow and shape the world around us. We consider it a privilege to be in the homes of consumers around the world. Our vision is to provide high-quality furnishings that allow you to express yourself. We're proud to be recognized as a design leader and style authority–yet it's our reputation for quality that we value most.

At Palliser, we’re dedicated to embodying business practices that promote the long-term preservation and enhancement of natural resources. We’re committed to creating a culture that goes beyond merely meeting regulatory requirements and truly strives for environmental leadership within our industry and communities. As a company, we endeavor to be more than just ‘environmentally conscious’ and we’re challenging ourselves—and everyone in our circle of influence—to join us in our initiatives REDUCE, CONSERVE AND PROTECT NATURAL RESOURCES.