Yamaha CD-S1000BL Natural Sound Super Audio CD Player (Black)


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The Yamaha CD-S1000 Super Audio CD Player: Built and Tuned for Truly Exceptional Music Reproduction

The Yamaha CD-S1000 inherits the high sound quality design of the more expensive CD-S2000, such as the use of differential DACs for high conversion precision with low noise, as well as Yamaha's proprietary Silent Loader and High Precision CD Drive, but without balanced output circuitry.

Left-right symmetrical design
with rigid, stable construction

Totally silent tray movement

Specially designed adjustable feet
What really sets the CD-S1000 apart from its competitors, however, is that above and beyond the excellent electronic and mechanical performance, Yamaha designers have "tuned" the sound with a musician's sensibility. Unlike, for example, new format DVD players that are as close to being computers as they are to audio components, the CD-S1000 was built by people who thought of it as a musical instrument. The difference is apparent, especially when you pair it with the A-S1000 or other high-performance amplifier, which will give you the finest CD sound quality you've ever heard.

Differential D/A Converters Ensure Digital Precision
The CD-S1000 uses high-grade differential D/A converters for the left and right channels, with their output assigned separately for plus and minus. Developed by drawing on Yamaha's long experience in digital technology, they endure the highest conversion precision as well as outstanding signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range.

Silent Loader and High Precision CD Drive
The mechanism that picks up the audio signal is actually analogue, even during the digital reproduction of a CD. So its degree of precision has a surprisingly large effect on the reproduction of the digital signals and the final sound. The CD-S1000 features Yamaha's unique Silent Loader, which uses Synchro Mesh instead of noise-producing gears, for totally silent tray movement and high durability. A highly reliable brushless spindle motor and a diecast aluminum tray means vibration-free playback as the CD spins. The thick steel and wool chassis is very heavy and stable, far superior to ordinary types made partly of plastic.

Four-Part Power Supply with Independent Structure for Clean Current
The power supply has four sections--for the audio circuitry, the digital circuitry, the drive mechanism, and the display--which are physically separated from each other and from the transformer, minimizing both mutual interference that degrades sound quality and the effect on earth electric potential. The power supply for the audio circuitry is a constant current type with an independent left-right structure; it ensures a stable supply of clean power and contributes to superior channel separation.

Pure Direct for Maximum Throughput
The CD-S1000 provides the Pure Direct circuit that is a popular feature of Yamaha amplifiers and receivers. Since it has separate analogue and digital sections, the same as a good component amplifier, the designers decided to make use of Yamaha's amplifier technology to help achieve high sound quality. When Pure Direct is on, the display is turned off and the digital output shuts down, providing the highest possible analogue sound quality.

Symmetrical Construction
Like the A-S2000 and A-S1000 integrated amps, this player has a left-right symmetrical design with rigid construction, including a reinforcing bar in the centre. Its specially designed feet stabilize the ground connection and provide superior protection from external vibration.

Specially Designed Feet Dampen Vibration
The base is equipped with height adjustable, solid steel feet that maximize stability and thoroughly dampen any external vibration.

Super Sound from Super Audio CDs
The CD-S1000 is capable of playing Super Audio CDs, for an even more dynamic listening experience. It also plays CDs and CD-RW discs.