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Televes 560383 Single Input Antenna Preamp Amplifier

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Televes 560383 Single Input Antenna Preamp Amplifier

This mast-mounted preamplifier features one input covering the entire TV band and can be used with any TV antenna (VHF, VHF/UHF or UHF). Unique to Televes, the new T-Force preamplifier family features automatic gain control ensuring an optimum amount of signal is delivered at all times despite changes in the receiving conditions and avoiding over or under amplification situations. The automatic gain control is independent per band so that adjustments to the UHF channels do not impact VHF channels and vice-versa. It features high gain and powerful output level while the high screening cast metal chassis ensures best-in-class electromagnetic shielding protection. Cast metal and high-grade ABS plastic construction for reliable outdoor installation withstanding the harshest elements. This particular unit is an entirely new design optimized for the new repack TV frequencies. Its fine-tuned steep filters reject any out-of-band interference, including FM and 5G signals over 608 MHz. A low-consumption UL-listed power supply is included providing two outputs for convenient distribution to additional TV sets. This Televes preamplifier can also pass power to an active antenna when needed.

Product Highlights:

  • 1 input: LowVHF/HighVHF/UHF
  • Repack Ready: Fine tuned filtering avoids 5G cellphone interference and allows compatibility with ATSC 3.0 broadcasting (NextGenTV)
  • Automatic gain adjustment compensates fluctuations on the received signal ensuring the best output level is delivered and avoiding over/under amplification
  • Dual band amplification with independent automatic gain regulation per band. The VHF and UHF bands are independently and automatically adjusted
  • Maximum gain: 31dB (UHF, channels 14-36), 22dB (high VHF, channels 7-13), 22dB (low VHF, channels 2-6)
  • Very low noise and high output level (47dBmV UHF, 43dBmV VHF)
  • 5G and FM filtering eliminates cellphone and radio interference
  • Cast metal and resistant ABS-plastic construction for reliable outdoor installation in the harshest conditions
  • High-screening metal chassis provides optimal electromagnetic shielding
  • ON/OFF switch to allow DC passing towards the input to power up active antennas
  • Our 30-day money back guarantee
  • MFR # 560383