Riedel Winewings Syrah/Shiraz Wine Glass, Single Stem, Clear


  • $ 35.00

Explaining the concept of RIEDEL WINEWINGS we chose a flat and stretched bottom with a wing-like shape to increase the surface area the wine is exposed to which increases the levels of evaporation and enables a greater intensity of aroma When positioning ones head to the glass the nose is closer and is exposed to the wider surface of the wine Though this alone would not fully deliver the optimal aroma of each grape variety and so to capture the delicate layered aromas it was necessary to curve the glass walls and to correctly calibrate the opening of each glass with its rim diameter RIEDEL WINEWINGS has seven glasses in total Three for red wines three for white and one for Champagne and sparkling wines At Riedel red wine glass design is based on the grape varietal and its attributes and based on the impact the skin makes on the wine all red wines? intensity can be categorized as either mild medium or powerful To enhance the enjoyment of those profiles we suggest three different glass shapes Mild Pinot Noir - fruit forward light to medium bodied high perceived acidity and low tannins Medium Syrah - earthy toasty elements and smooth tannins Powerful Cabernet Sauvignon - Aromas of blackcurrant full bodied and with high levels of tannin Red wine glasses from Riedel must harness the intense flavors and aim to harmonize them while balancing these flavors with other more powerful elements in order to demonstrate each wine?s complexity first and foremost