Riedel Vinum Vintage Champagne Glass, Set of 2


  • $ 59.00

This new Riedel Vinum XL Champagne glass is a 1967 design by Claus Riedel, originally created for the World Exhibition in Montreal, and rediscovered in 2006 during a tasting panel with Moet and Chandon. Over many weeks, the expert tasters searched for a glass which would be the best transmitter to highlight the qualities of their 2000 vintage. Ultimately, the glass of choice was the Vinum XL which Moet and Chandon selected above all others to present their legendary 2000 selection. Positioned as the new generation of Riedel wine glasses, the Vinum XL collection brings fresh excitement to the benchmark Vinum machine blown range. A bold adaptation of Riedel's popular Vinum stemware line, XL incorporates the same varietal-specific shapes into larger sized silhouettes for a dramatic effect at the table or bar. Each piece is machine-made of premium 24-percent lead crystal to combine the brilliance and clarity of fine glass with a welcomed affordability that makes it perfect for everyday use. With gently curved bowls perched on slender, solid stems and thick bases, the line also unites classic elegance with user-friendly durability. This set of two champagne glasses boasts a design introduced at the 1967 World Exhibition and was touted by several industry leaders in 2006 as the ideal vessel to present their bubbly creations. Ready to complement your home celebrations, their statuesque 9-3/4-inch forms have a generous 12-ounce capacity to showcase the color, aroma, and nose-tickling fizz of this French-born indulgence. Because crystal is course and porous to intensify flavors, hand washing is recommended to protect it. Made in Germany. --Kara Karll