PowerBass Xtreme 12" Single 4-Ohm Subwoofer


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Product Details

Universal 12" 400W/800W SVC 4-Ohm Subwoofer by PowerBass®. Boasting a custom turbine style frame constructed of polycarbonate/glass fiber, this unique basket supports dual stack magnets and a extended dome backplate. They utilize a combination of perimeter and pole venting to keep air circulating over the voice coil so everything stays cool. A non-pressed paper cone was selected for its natural smooth bass reproduction and its ability to provide high output with low distortion even under the stress of high SPL. Finally, to make sure the power gets to the subwoofer, they used chrome push terminals for maximum current transfer. The XL subwoofers are Xtremely versatile and offer amazingly low bass whether installed in a small sealed enclosure or ported enclosure.


Nominal Impedance: 4-ohm
BL: 14.814
Inputs: Single Coil
Subwoofer Frequency Range: 33 Hz - 450 Hz
Voice Coil Size 1: 2"
Material: Non Pressed Paper
Magnet Size: 186 oz
Sensitivity (1W / 1M): 91 dB
Motor Structure: 186 oz
Cutout Diameter: 11 1/16" (281mm)
Mounting Depth: 5.7"
Xmax: 8.5 mm
Spl: 91 dB
No: 0.306%
Qts: 0.57
Qes: 0.64
Qms: 3.73
Mms: 171.9 g
Cms: 127.8 uM/N
Vas: 38.832 Ltr
SD: 551.55 sqCM
Fs: 33 Hz
Test Impedance: 3.8-ohm
VC Impedance: 4-ohm
Size: 12"
Sensitivity: 91 dB
Frequency Response: 33 Hz - 450 Hz
Voice Coil Size 2: 2"
Power Handling (RMS/Peak): 400 / 800 watts
New PBX dust cap 
Proprietary Non-pressed Paper DDC Coated Cone 
High Roll Santoprene® Surround
2.0" Vented BASV Voice Coil Former
Perimeter Aero-Vent Voice Coil Cooling Vents
Proprietary Non Resonance Polycarbonate/Glass Fiber Basket
Chrome Push Terminals
Optimally Designed for Both Small Sealed or Ported Enclosures
Made to maximize performance and sound of your vehicle
Built with superior quality components to last you for years to come
Fusion of dazzling clarity and powerful sound
PowerBass® was founded in 2001 with one goal in mind; too bring great audio products to the market offering sonic excellence, value and reliability. PowerBass is a vertically integrated company owning manufacturing facilities overseas and a top notch engineering and product development team here at the world headquarters in Ontario, California. They started out making OEM fit speakers at a value price that no other brand could replicate at the price or quality Powerbass has. They have since expanded product offerings with electronics and amplifiers with the same goal in mind "Offer value priced mobile audio equipment that outperforms the competition". 16 years later, they have the same values and goals with more to offer dealers and consumers to enhance their listening experience.

Part Number:XL-1240