Niles AC3 FG00242 Voltage Triggered AC Power Strip (Black)


  • $ 269.00

Automate power turn-on and turn-off of an A/V component or system Voltage-triggered Individually boxed. Three AC outlets-two switched, one unswitched; 1,500W maximum (all outlets combined). AC-3 is activated by 12Volt DC signal (100mA minimum). Requires 12Volt DC adapter to trigger AC-3 from the switched outlet of a receiver or preamp, can also be triggered by the 12volt output of a Niles APC-2, AC-3, SPK-1, SAS-1 or RFS-1. 12Volt control output for activating other Niles devices such as an APC-2, AC-3, SPK-1, SAS-1 or RFS-1.