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Massive Audio MX65, 6.5-Inch Coaxial Speakers, 60 Watts RMS, 2-Way Full-Range Car Stereo Speakers (Sold as Pair)

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Designed to withstand harsh mobile environments and produce accurate sound reproduction, Massive Audio's MX65 speaker set is a premium factory replacement system that you can count on! Built to last through bumpy roads, late night drives, and loud playlists, these speakers feature laminated paper cones, custom rubber surrounds, and heavy-gauge metal baskets. Their depth is just 2.48 inches, making installation easy and convenient in any car, SUV, or truck. With high-powered Y30 strontium ferrite magnets, full-range sound, and 2-way frequency ability, they are designed to handle any kind of music or audio - from heavy metal to audiobooks. These 6.5-inch speakers feature 13-millimeter hard diaphragm tweeters, 1-inch KSV voice coils, and high-energy Y30 strontium ferrite magnets for premium sound quality, full-range audio, and 2-way frequency ability. These low-impedance 4-ohm speakers perform at 60 watts RMS with a peak of 250 watts. They feature a 90-decibel sensitivity and a frequency range of 60 - 20 kilohertz. Buy this pair of speakers to upgrade your car's stereo system and get the most out of your music. These speakers are durable, high quality, and built to last! They allow you to listen to your music the way it was supposed to be heard. Now you can blast your favorite kind of music - punk rock, west coast rap, heavy metal, or EDM. With their high-accuracy sound reproduction, these speakers can provide the background music for your morning commute, memorable nights, or anything in between.