MartinLogan Edge In-wall Multi Purpose Home Theater Speaker - Each


  • $ 1,999.99

MartinLogan Edge In-wall Speaker


MartinLogan Edge is the flagship of their superb Stealth™ Architectural Series, this beautifully engineered performer uses MartinLogan's advanced technology to deliver out-of-this-world music or cinema sound without taking up an inch of valuable floor space. Use a pair of these speakers as part of a powerful in-wall stereo system, or place three of them across your home theater's front soundstage to enjoy engaging dialogue and gripping sound effects.


Product Highlights:

  • 1.25" x 2.4" Folded Motion™ XT tweeter for exceptional detail with low distortion
  • Two 3-1/2" aluminum cone midrange drivers
  • Two 6-1/2" aluminum cone woofers with cast aluminum baskets for powerful, accurate bass
  • Frequency response: 42-25,000 Hz (±3dB)R
  • Recommended amplifier power: 20-300 watts
  • Sensitivity: 95 dB
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Rotatable tweeter allows optimized sound dispersion whether mounting speaker vertically or horizontally
  • Hand-built audiophile-grade crossover network
  • Solid one-piece cast aluminum chassis
  • Magnetically attached paintable speaker grille
  • Overall dimensions: 8-5/16"W x 27-13/16"H
  • Cutout dimensions: 7-5/8"W x 27"H
  • Mounting depth: 3-15/16"
  • Weight: 19 lbs.
  • Warranty: 5 years (with product registration)



Stealth Series: Stealth Series speakers are designed to disappear visually into the room, and each one has a completely bezel-less, low-profile, paintable grille for the ultimate stealth installation. Martin Logan's in-house design and engineering team also minimized the grille's perforated metal holes to create a more discreet look, without compromising the quality of sound. A magnetic system secures grilles easily into place, reducing the risk of warping or damage during installation. MartinLogan also refined the look underneath the grille for those who want to show off their high-performance in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. The driver complements are held securely in place by a flush mounted 0.75" solid, high-gloss piano black baffle that hides all mounting hardware

Three-Way Driver Design: The Stealth Series Edge utilizes MartinLogan's 1.25" x 2.4" Folded Motion XT tweeter, along with two 3.5" aluminum midrange drivers and two 6.5" aluminum midbass woofer.

  • Folded Motion Tweeter: MartinLogan's exquisite 1.25" x 2.4" Folded Motion XT tweeter, with its large radiating surface, works by moving air perpendicular to the folded ridges of the diaphragm, similar to how an accordion works. This extremely low mass diaphragm "squeezes" air, requiring almost 90% less excursion than a typical 1" dome tweeter. This drastically minimizes distortion while providing lightning-fast transient response. The increased surface area also delivers wide, yet controlled dispersion ensuring a breathtakingly realistic and delicately etched soundstage. The Folded Motion Tweeter rotates
    easily without the need for tools to allow precise sound dispersion either horizontally or vertically and can be performed post-installation.
  • Aluminum Cone Midrange & Midbass Woofers: The MartinLogan Edge speaker employs two 3.5" aluminum cone midrange drivers with rubber surround and stamped steel basket for open, revealing midrange performance; plus two 6.5" aluminum cone midbass woofers with rubber surround and a cast aluminum basket for deep, accurate bass performance. .

Advanced Crossover Network: Key to the MartinLogan Edge speaker's sophisticated sound is an advanced topology Vojtko crossover network. Each crossover is built on top of double-layered, super-thick, black PC boards and constructed with the highest-quality components. Internals including massive air-core coils, thick, high-purity 16-gauge copper wire, and low-distortion polypropylene capacitors ensure that every nuance of the audio signal is preserved.

Rigid Chassis: The MartinLogan Edge in-wall speakers features a gloss piano-black speaker baffle that hides all mounting hardware, a solid one-piece cast aluminum chassis, and a bezel-less magnetic grille. The speaker has a mounting height of 0.25" from the outer wall.

Spring-Post Terminals: The MartinLogan Edge is fitted with a set of spring-post terminals to connect your in-wall speaker wire.

Robust Mounting System: Edge' robust mounting-lock system is coupled with a solid aluminum chassis. When not in use, the constant-control mounting locks are held securely within a self-contained housing. When moved into place during installation, they couple the chassis and add rigidity to the wall.

Speaker Applications: The MartinLogan Edge in-wall loudspeaker can be used as a center channel, front left/right speaker, surround left/right speaker, or simply in a stereo or multiroom application.

Speaker Placement: The MartinLogan in-wall speaker offers superb imaging and flexible placement in nearly any location. However, for best performance and imaging place speakers equidistant from one another and avoid physical obstructions between the speaker and primary listening position.

Break-In Period: Allow approximately 72 hours of break-in at 90 dB (moderate listening levels) before any critical listening.