LG OK55 500W LOUDR Party Speaker System w/ Karaoke

LG OK55 500W LOUDR Party Speaker System w/ Karaoke

Bluetooth Speaker

LG OK55 500W Loudr Entertainment System This party-ready all-in-one has been upgraded with an eight-inch woofer, for a total of...

$ 396.99

LG OK55 500W Loudr Entertainment System

This party-ready all-in-one has been upgraded with an eight-inch woofer, for a total of 500W max power. Mix masters will appreciate the party accelerator control, DJ loop and party kick Starter, plus multi-colored lights that flash to the beat of the music. The generous connectivity includes two mic inputs-with karaoke and vocal effects-as well as wireless party link, wireless TV sound sync, multi Bluetooth and multi Jukebox, so the fun can come from just about anywhere. Microphones not included.

Party Accelerator 

Push the excitement into overdrive with the Party Accelerator. Simply slide the throttle forward and hear the sound build and build until it peaks with a thunderous boom and wild light display. 

Party Lighting 

What makes dancing even better? The right lighting! This system offers a variety of exciting effects, including Dual Strobe, and Dance Lighting that lets the light pulse to the beat of the music, so everyone can see the rhythm as well as hear it. 

Karaoke Creator 

Get ready to croon along with any tune: This feature suppresses the vocal frequencies of a song, making any track ready to play behind a new lead singer! It can even change the key of the song to better suit the voice of the singer. 

*Microphone not included.

Voice Filters 

The karaoke feature includes built-in sound-enhancing voice filters to make any singer sound even more like a star. They can even change voices completely for added fun. 

USB Inputs 

Two USB inputs allow you to connect multiple USB-enabled devices at the same time, for greater convenience. You can also transfer files from one USB drive to another, and record from different inputs including CD, AUX and FM radio. 

Product Specifications


  • Total Output Power: 500W
  • Front Speaker Output Power: 165W x 2
  • Subwoofer Output Power: 170W


  • Bluetooth Remote App (Android): Yes
  • USB Direct Recording: Yes
  • Party Accelerator: Yes
  • DJ Sharing: Yes
  • Karaoke Creator: Yes
  • Voice Filters: Yes
  • Multipoint (Android): Yes (up to 3 devices)
  • Multi-Lighting: Yes
  • LG TV Sound Sync (Bluetooth): Yes


  • CD: Yes
  • Tuner: Yes 
  • AUX1: Yes
  • USB1: Yes
  • Portable In: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes


  • Front Speaker System: 1Way 1Speaker 
  • Front Speaker Tweeter Unit: 2" x 2
  • Front Woofer Unit: 8" x 1


  • USB 1: Yes
  • Portable In: Yes
  • AUX In (L/R): Yes (1)
  • FM Radio Antenna: Yes
  • Mic Jack: Yes (2)


  • EQ: User EQ, Standard, Pop, Classic, Rock, Jazz, Bass Blast, Football
  • Juke Box: Yes
  • DJ Effect: Yes
  • DJ Pro: Yes
  • Auto DJ: Yes
  • DJ Loop: Yes
  • Multi Jukebox: Yes
  • Sample Creator: Yes
  • DJ Scratch: Yes


  • Type: PLL
  • Band: FM
  • FM Tuning Range (50kHz/100kHz): 87.5 - 108.0 MHz
  • Memory/Erase: Yes
  • Clock/Tone/Sleep/Set: Yes


  • Number of Disc: 1
  • Loading Type: Tray
  • Playable Disc: Audio CD, MP3, WMA, CD, CD-R, CD-RW
  • Playable File Format: MP3, WMA, AAC


  • Power Consumption: 94W
  • Standby Mode: <0.5W
  • Power Requirement Narrow: 110V 50/60Hz
  • Power Requirement Wide: 110V


  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Batteries: AAA x 2
  • FM Antenna: Yes


  • Size (WxHxD): 12.9" x 36.4" x 14.2"
  • Net Weight: 45.6 lbs
  • Shipping Size (WxHxD): 39.2" x 15.0" x 17.2"
  • Shipping Weight: 52.7 lbs


  • Limited Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor