Knirps T200 Compact DuoMatic Wind Resistant Auto Open/Close Full Umbrella, Black, One Size


  • $ 59.95

Knirps T200 Compact DuoMatic Wind Resistant Auto Open/Close

Full Umbrella, Black, One Size

The Wind Resistant Automatic Umbrella is the compact umbrella that opens and closes automatically at the touch of a button. Open and close it with one hand… it features a large, vented canopy, all-fiberglass frame and ribs (uncommon in compact umbrellas!), steel shaft, cushion grip handle and a matching case with belt loop and snap-on hook. Available in Black. Choose 43” or 54” arc size. knirps Knirps Our Heritage  Solid Shafts Knirps is made with high-grade aluminum, just one grade below aircraft grade, and the structural integrity will withstand high winds. Our umbrellas are lined with zinc for additional strength and flexibility, as well as tiny copper rings that prevent component parts from grinding together. The octagonal tube profile minimizes rotation, thereby insuring years of smooth, reliable operation. Unlike many umbrellas, a Knirps features a tapered shaft that is thickest near the canopy, which takes the brunt of wind’s effect. Secure Handles Knirps umbrellas are firmly secured to the shaft with rivets, and are ergonomically comfortable. The no-slip grips come in handy if the handle gets wet, insuring that the umbrella won't slip from your grasp. Resilient Canopy Fabrics Knirps is made with a unique, flat-weave polyester that repels water. Water is not able to soak into the fabric, and dries almost instantly. No more soggy umbrellas in the corner!


Product highlights:

• One-button, one-handed operation

• Venting system is wind-tunnel tested to resist high winds

• Unisex black color, for women or men

• Available in two arc sizes: 43” and 54”

• Collapses for portability: 43” arc size collapses to 11.75” / 54” arc size collapses to 15”

• Teflon frame and ribs

• Cushioned handle

• Steel shaft

• Includes matching carry case with belt loop snap-on swivel hook


Flexible Ribs
Knirps umbrella ribs are made with a combination of aluminum and fiberglass. They can flex with the wind from any direction, and snap right back into place. They can even flip completely inside out and back again – good as new. Most Knirps models are supported by eight stout ribs, which provides greater strength and coverage area than the usual six or seven rib umbrellas.