KLH Quincy Floorstanding Loudspeakers - Pair Black Oak

KLH Quincy Floorstanding Loudspeakers - Pair Black Oak


KLH Quincy Floorstanding Speaker Pair   Package Includes Quincy 3-Way Floorstanding Loudspeakers(One Pair)   One of the most hallowed nameplates...

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KLH Quincy Floorstanding Speaker Pair


Package Includes

  • Quincy 3-Way Floorstanding Loudspeakers(One Pair)


One of the most hallowed nameplates in the history of home audio, KLH is back with a full line of newly design speakers – and a rededication to the company’s original mission to make the audiophile experience affordable for all. The mid-line Quincy 3-way tower speaker embodies that goal. The Quincy features custom-built woofer and midrange drivers of durable and sonically superior Kevlar, with powerful magnets and cast aluminum baskets. The whole package is wrapped in real wood veneers – black oak or American walnut – with brushed-aluminum speaker faceplates that look elegant with or without the seamless magnetic grille attached. The new KLH is so confident that you’ll enjoy these speakers for years to come, the company offers an unheard-of 10-year warranty. 



Product highlights


  • - Designed in USA and engineered of premium materials
  • - Three-way ported bass-reflex system with oversized magnets
  • - One 6-1/2 inch woven Kevlar bass driver
  • - One 5-1/4 inch Kevlar midrange
  • - 1-inch anodized aluminum tweeter
  • - Frequency response: 27-23,000 Hz (±3dB)
  • - Recommended amplifier power: up to 225 watts
  • - Sensitivity: 95 dB
  • - Impedance: 8 ohms
  • - Brushed aluminum fascia around drivers
  • - Custom crossover circuitry with top-quality components
  • - Dense braced MDF internal chambers for low resonance
  • - Nickel-plated five-way binding posts with bi-amp capability
  • - Two sets of input terminals allow bi-amping or bi-wiring
  • - 5-way binding posts accept pins, single or dual banana connectors, spades, or bare wire
  • - Complete with black satin base, rubber feet and spikes for placement on floor or carpet
  • - Snap-on magnetic grille with no visible fasteners
  • - Dimensions: 7-3/4"W x 37-1/2"H x 14-3/4"D
  • - Weight: 40 lbs.
  • - Warranty: An exceptional 10 years





Three-Way Floorstanding Loudspeaker

The KLH Quincy is a three-way floorstanding loudspeaker featuring a high performance 1" Anodized Aluminum tweeter with a linear response faceplate, one 5.25" Woven Kevlar midrange driver with butyl rubber surround and a powder-coated die-cast aluminum basket, and one 6.5" Woven Kevlar bass driver with butyl rubber surround and a powder-coated die-cast aluminum basket. There are braided tinsel leads on all drivers. Custom multi-element crossovers with high grade components ensure smooth and natural transition between drivers.


Bass Reflex Design

The KLH Quincy floorstanding loudspeaker utilizes a bass reflex enclosure with two rear-firing ports for greater efficiency and bigger bass response. If you are placing the floorstanding speaker 6" or closer to a wall, bass output can be controlled by reducing the amount of air flow from the rear ports. You can "tune" the bass output by using the included foam port to seal one of the rear ports.


MDF Enclosure

The speaker cabinet features 3/4" MDF construction with custom designed internal low resonance driver chambers and bracing optimized through finite element analysis. The enclosure also has a brushed aluminum tweeter faceplate and driver fascia, as well as an integrated MDF plinth (base). The MDF enclosure is finished in a real wood veneer (choose between a black oak or american walnut finish).


Magnetic Grille

A magnetic grille featuring a custom honeycomb design, acoustic cloth, and no visible fasteners provides a flawless appearance.


Dual Binding Post Terminals

The KLH Quincy floorstanding loudspeaker has two sets nickel-plated binding posts terminals connected by jumpers (fasteners). The binding post terminals that will accept bare wire (up 12AWG), pin-connectors, spade-lugs, and banana plugs (single only). A plastic cap must be removed from each binding post terminal to use banana plugs. Using the dual binding posts, you can bi-amp or bi-wire the speakers.

  • Bi-Wiring:  

    Bi-wiring can provide noticeable improvements in the overall transparency of your loudspeakers. Run separate speaker wires to the low & high frequency drivers from a single amplifier (the upper set of binding posts are for the high frequency driver; the lower set of binding posts are for the low frequency driver).


  • Bi-Amping: 

    Bi-amping allows you to use separate amplifiers for the high & low frequency sections of your loudspeaker for greater dynamic range & lower distortion. We recommend that your separate amplifiers have identical gain to preserve the speaker's voicing balance.


Applications & Placement

The KLH Quincy floorstanding loudspeaker can be used in a stereo or home theater application.

  • Placement of the speaker is a personal preference, but it is recommended that a pair of speakers be placed at least 6' apart whether they are being used for a stereo application, or as the main left and right channels for a home theater.
  • For best imaging and separation, listening distance from the speakers should be approximately 1.5x the distance the speakers are apart from each other.
  • Also, be sure that the speaker is placed at least 12" away from any wall. Further adjustments can be made to optimize your listening experience.


Rubber or Spike Feet

The included rubber feet are used for solid flooring such as wood, tile, and concrete. The included chrome-plated spikes are used for carpeted flooring. If you prefer to use the spikes on your solid flooring, you can install the included protective discs under the spikes to protect your floor. Both types of feet screw into the bottom of the speaker's integrated MDF plinth (base) and are adjustable to level the speaker on uneven flooring.

  • Dimensions with Rubber Feet: 8.3125" (w) x 38.1875" (h) x 14 .9375" (d)
  • Dimensions with Spike Feet: 8.3125" (w) x 39.1875" (h) x 14 .9375" (d)
  • Dimensions with Spike Feet/Protective Discs: 8.3125" (w) x 39.25" (h) x 14 .9375" (d)
  • Dimensions without Feet: 8.3125" (w) x 38.0" (h) x 14 .9375" (d)


KLH Quincy Floor Standing Speaker System
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