Kicker SCOCRE15 Powered Subwoofer Upgrade Kit for 2015 Chevrolet Colorado And GMC Canyon Crew Cab


  • $ 699.95

Kicker VSS SubStage SCOCRE15 Custom-Fit Powered Subwoofer For Select 2015-up Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Crew Cab

Are you disappointed with the level of bass your factory system provides, but don't like the idea of losing space to a sub and an amp? The VSS SubStage powered subs by Kicker are made to fit in specific vehicles, so you get harnesses that connect to your factory wiring, and a sub that's made to mount where your particular vehicle has space. Each system comes with vehicle-specific instructions that guide you every step of the way. The package also includes all of the wiring and hardware you need to complete the installation — that means no running to the hardware store to find a part that you didn't know you'd need.



Product Highlights:


  • - custom-fit powered subwoofer
  • - enclosure mounts under the rear seat
  • - molded plastic enclosure
  • - 8" woofer
  • - built-in amplifier (200 watts RMS)
  • - includes instructions for your Colorado/Canyon and all installation parts



Ready To Rumble


The SubStage doesn't skimp on power and performance — it comes equipped with an 8" sub powered by a perfectly matched 200-watt amp, all housed in a custom enclosure that's optimized for sound quality. You'll look forward to rumbling lows that can play back the biggest digital drum beat yet also deliver the low-frequency subtleties of a standup bass. Kicker's earned their reputation for making subs that crank out bass you can feel and the SubStage is no exception.

The SubStage SCOCRE15 fits the 2015-up Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon Crew Cab, and the subwoofer installs under the rear seat. It connects to the factory stereo via two wire taps for signal, and attaches to the battery for power. 


What's In The Box:


  • - Powered subwoofer enclosure
  • - 14'/9" Main harness
  • - 54" Power harness w/inline fuse holder (2-pin Molex plug zip-tied to cable but not installed on end of wire)
  • - 6" Two-wire harness
  • - Three 1" square foam pads w/adhesive backing
  • - One 25A Mini fuse
  • - 2 Wire-taps
  • - One 8mm hex-nut
  • - Six 6" wire-ties
  • - Installation manual
  • - Warranty card




Overview: The Kicker SCOCRE15 powered subwoofer system is designed specifically to fit 2015 - 2018 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon Crew Cab trucks. It features an 8" Kicker CVT subwoofer mounted in a sealed enclosure with a built-in 200 watt amplifier.

Installation: The SCOCRE15 gets mounted underneath the rear seat in the extended cab with the provided hardware, and includes 14', 9" pre-loomed wire harness. This harness contains 2 plugs that get attached to matching plugs from the amp/enclosure, a ring terminal for grounding, and a power terminal that gets attached to an additional 54" loomed power cable (with ring terminal and in-line fuse holder) for running to the vehicle battery. The 14', 9" harness also contains a 2-pin Molex plug for attaching the additional 6" 2-wire harness. Both wires on this plug get tapped into the factory wiring for the signal to the subwoofer.