Kicker 47KEYLOC Smart 2 Channcel Line Output Converter Easy Factory Radio Setup


  • $ 179.95

Kicker 47KEYLOC Key Series Smart Powered Line-Out Converter This revolutionary line output converter automatically detects the frequency range of your speaker leads, and a whole lot more! FIND THE FREQUENCY - News flash: factory audio systems don?t always deliver a full-range signal on every speaker wire. That makes it tough to hook up an aftermarket amp and get the sound you wanted - until now. Attach the speaker wire to the KEYLOC, play a free test tone (below) and read the LEDs. You?ll instantly know if Hi, Mid or Lo is coming from a particular pair of speaker wires. No oscilloscope or RTA needed! IT?S FIT - Using KICKER?s FIT 2+ technology, the KEYLOC has the most versatile input sensitivity in the car-audio aftermarket. Ranging from 125 mV - 10V (Lo) or 1V to 40V (Hi), the KEYLOC is prepared to work with nearly every vehicle on the road today. OPTIONAL ALL-PASS - The KEYLOC allows you to keep or defeat factory time delay, or the all-pass filter built into many modern vehicles. By defeating this filter, the KEYLOC instantly counteracts the either of these factory effects, allowing you to tune for one-seat audio or maintain the factory imaging.