Kicker 47KBRW10 ReFLEX™ 10" passive radiator — big bass without a ported enclosure

  • $ 59.95

Big boom for boxes with low internal volumes

Ports require larger enclosures to be effective and can sometimes produce unwanted noise. When paired with a compatible 10" subwoofer, Kicker's 47KBRW10 10" passive radiator lets you get the punch of a ported box in a small sealed enclosure that can fit in more places in your vehicle. Kicker recommends using a subwoofer with a recommended box volume of 0.5 cubic feet, such as a 

Note: This passive radiator will not produce sound by itself. It must be paired with a subwoofer in an enclosure.



Product highlights:

  • 10" ReFLEX™ passive radiator
  • works in a dual 10" enclosure
    • works with a 10" sub in 0.5 cubic feet air space
    • tuned to 41 Hz
  • grille not included
  • warranty: 1 year

What's in the box:

  • One 10" Passive Radiator
  • 4 Adhesive backed screw covers
  • Quick-Start Guide (English/ Spanish/ German/ French)
  • Template on box