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KEF Reference 4C Center Channel Speaker (Walnut/Each)
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KEF Reference 4C Center Channel Speaker (Walnut/Each)

Original price $ 7,499.99 - Original price $ 7,499.99
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$ 7,499.99
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KEF Reference 4C Center Channel Speaker (Walnut/Each)

Having the KEF REFERENCE 4c Center Channel Speaker as the crown jewel of your home audio system is the next best thing to watching a movie in the studio where it was edited and mixed. With its point-source Uni-Q driver array and two bass drivers on each side, the REFERENCE 4c combines breath-taking sonic accuracy with spatial precision. The REFERENCE 4c's drivers are set in a strikingly distinctive front baffle hand-built in the UK, and engineered to deliver a smooth listening experience, making it a perfect addition to your home theater system. (Priced as Each)

Product Highlights:

  • The REFERENCE 4c deliver stunningly realistic sound with its 5 inch Uni-Q point source driver array, which is flanked by a duet of powerful 6.5-inch bass drivers on each side.
  • The shape and bracing geometry of the REFERENCE 4c's cabinet is computer-optimized to minimize secondary radiation, and with constrained layers damping to absorb residual vibrations, your audio will never suffer from box coloration that would compromise your sound.
  • The dynamics, spatial precision and dispersion characteristics of the REFERENCE 2c are outstanding, with the innovative configuration of advanced drivers flawlessly integrating LF, MF and HF response to reproduce every detail of the recorded signal with total fidelity.
  • In smaller environments, REFERENCE 4c has the power to immerse you in your music or the action on screen as much as its larger sibling. For clarity, detail and emotional depth, it's a revelation.
  • Each REFERENCE 4c is built-to-order by our technicians in the UK.
  • Product weight: 104.8lbs.
  • Dimensions: 15 x 27.5 x 49 inches
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Our 30-day money back guarantee