JURA GIGA 6 Automatic Coffee Machine, Silver


  • $ 5,998.95

JURA GIGA 6 Automatic Coffee Machine


The JURA GIGA 6 is a luxury dual boiler super-automatic espresso machine that brings the cafe to the home or office. Equipped with two thermoblocks, two grinders, two hoppers, and a wealth of adjustable settings, you can expect full control over it's 28 specialties.

  • Compatible with the Jura Coffee App for Android and iOS
  • Fully automated preparation, guided by a 4.3-inch color touchscreen
  • Two 15 bar pumps and Pulse Extraction Process ensure optimal extraction time
  • 28 different programmable coffee specialties, including two coffees, espressos, ristrettos, lattes, cappuccinos, or macchiatos at once, including a one-touch Americano function
  • 10 temperature levels for milk and milk foam
  • 10 levels of coffee intensity and 3 levels of hot water temperature
  • Dual built-in 10 ounce bean containers and two ceramic disc grinders
  • 88 ounce water tank
  • 12.6 x 16.3 x 19.6 inches
  • Made in Switzerland


Owning the JURA GIGA 6

The JURA GIGA 6 steps up from the previous iteration in the GIGA series with certain amenities that make all the difference. New with the GIGA 6 is a 4.3 inch full-color touchscreen display and the light-up blue crystal rotary switch. With such deep customizable features as the GIGA 6 has, an intuitive way to navigate all the options is a must. With the new display and rotary switch, we're happy to report that exploring JURA’s vibrant menus is easier than ever. Also new is JURA’s AGA (Automatic Grinder Adjustment) system, which keeps the grind consistent through extensive use.

Returning features include the incredible dual hopper, dual ceramic disc grinder system for storing two different coffees and brewing two specialties simultaneously. To make this more exciting, JURA has added the ability to produce milk and coffee at the same time. This works well with the GIGA 6's ability to mix the beans stored in both hoppers in increments of 25%, allowing you to make some decidedly personal creations. With 10 milk temperature levels to pick from, the GIGA 6's customization goes even deeper.

The GIGA 6 comes pre-programmed with an impressive 28 specialty drinks, essentially bringing the cafe to your kitchen. With a Bluetooth connection, you can use the JURA app to control the GIGA 6 remotely, as well, letting you brew drinks on your way over to the machine, personalize your favorites, and access instructional videos.




4.3" Touchscreen Display

The JURA GIGA 6 comes equipped with a 4.3" full-color TFT touchscreen display. Menus are navigable with just a touch, making it easy to customize your drinks at a moment's notice. Enable the AI function to have the GIGA 6 create a custom home screen with 2, 5, or 8 of your favorite beverages.

Dual Grinder System

Dual Grinder System

Dual hoppers and dual grinders essentially combines the power of two super automatic espresso machines into one. Store two different kinds of beans for variety in air-tight, opaque hoppers, and the ceramic disc grinders will do the rest.

Smart Connect

Smart Connect

The JURA GIGA 6 offers a Bluetooth connection, allowing you to link it up to your smart device with J.O.E. (the JURA Operating Experience). This free app allows you to operate the GIGA 6, personalize drinks, and view instructional videos without being in front of the machine.

Deep Personalization

Deep Personalization

For each of the GIGA 6's 28 specialties, you can customize to your preference with several impactful options. The GIGA 6 gives access to 10 strength settings, 10 milk temperature settings, and 3 brewing temperatures. You can adjust both strength and volume while brewing, as well.