JBL Stage A6002 60 Watts x 2 2-Channel Amplifier


  • $ 129.95

Stage A6002 60 Watts x 2 2-Channel Amplifier Features: Value Engineered Stage amplifiers provide true JBL performance at an affordable price while not lacking the features needed to properly tune and optimize performance. Compact Footprint With it becoming more and more difficult to find spacious locations for amplifier mounting Stage has been developed in a small compact form factor to allow more location versatility. Full On-Board Protection Stage amplifier has on-board circuitry to protect them from shorts temperature over-voltage and under-voltage. An LED indicator is included on all four models to let you know when one of these conditions exists. Reliability JBL is one of the greatest audio brands in the world. This is not a coincidence given the arduous testing and quality control. They take their craft seriously and want every customer to have a world-class experience that lasts and lasts. Input Level Control When low-level inputs are used this control adjusts the input sensitivity between 200mVrms and 5.0Vrms. When high-level inputs are used this control adjusts the input sensitivity between 0.5Vrms and 15Vrms. Switchable Bass EQ This provides an available bass boost at 45Hz of 6dB or 12dB serving as a great tool to optimize subwoofer and loudspeaker performance based on location and enclosure type. Cool Industrial Design Black with deep grooves silver silkscreen and anodized JBL badge top-center with orange end panels and bottom. Crossover Mode Switch LPF crossover control is switchable between 0dB to 12dB at 45Hz giving the user ability to adjust sound to the environment and/or application. Crossover Control Gives User Additional Fine Tuning Adjusts the crossover turnover frequency between 32Hz and 320Hz. (One knob for each stereo pair.) JBL's Point of View JBL believes that life is defined by what you experience. Music helps people have experiences that are more extraordi