HIFIMAN SUNDARA Over-ear Full-size Planar Magnetic Headphones (Black)


  • $ 499.00



Named after the Sanskrit word that literally means "beautiful," the HIFIMAN Sundara Open-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones are designed to deliver a detailed and natural sound. They are easily powered from a wide variety of audio sources including smartphones, moderate-power desktop amplifiers, portable digital audio players, and more, in the comfort of your home or on the go.


Key Features

  • - Circumaural, Open-Back Design
  • - For Mobile Devices and Headphone Amps
  • - Large Planar Magnetic Drivers
  • - Ultra-Fine Diaphragms
  • - Wide frequency response: 6 Hz to 75 kHz
  • - Fast transient response
  • - Detailed and natural sonic signature


Made of proprietary, light and high-tensile material, the Sundara's ultra-fine diaphragms produce a wide frequency response of 6 Hz to 75 kHz with fast transient response, low distortion levels, and high dynamic range. The hybrid headband design and gently beveled earpads evenly distribute the headphones' weight around your head to provide a secure grip and a comfortable fit for long listening sessions.

The Sundara headphones ship with a detachable 4.9' cable terminated with a 3.5mm plug.



The Sanskrit word “Sundara” literally means “Beautiful” and this all new Planar Magnetic headphone fits this description in every way.

SUNDARA Technical Data

Technical Data


Frequency Response: 6Hz - 75kHz

Impedance: 37Ω

Sensitivity: 94dB

Weight: 372g

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