SiliconDust HDHomeRun HDHR5-2US Connect Duo Dual Tuner,Black


  • $ 99.99

Watch live high-definition TV shows from mobile devices with this SiliconDust HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO TV tuner. It lets you stream over-the-air programs via a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, saving you the cost of extra cable subscriptions. Record broadcast shows with this SiliconDust HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO TV tuner by using its DVR service.


Stream and record free HDTV on the largest number of smart media devices

Using HDHomeRun app, which works with Windows 10, Android, Apple and NAS storage devices.

Use your existing home router

To create your multi-room solution simply plug your device into your home router to stream live and recorded HD content to devices around your home. You can even pause on one device and resume on another.

Get more entertainment with dual OTA tuners

Browse, record and stream up to two live or multiple recorded HDTV shows simultaneously on multiple devices. Add a second HDHomeRun device to increase your number of available tuners.

Supports Closed Captioning and SAP

Video description (Secondary Audio Program) and Closed Captioning can be turned on or off via the on-screen interface.

Digital HD antenna required

Designed for users who watch TV with an HD antenna instead of subscribing to cable. HD antenna sold separately.

DVR capability

The HDHomeRun DVR service, $35 a year subscription allows you to watch live, schedule and record HDTV on your terms. It's a full multi user, multi room, multi device solution.


Cut that cord.

Cut the cable expenses with an antenna and FREE local TV! Over a year, that really makes a HUGE saving!

*Sample channels shown. Check availability in your area

2 tuners means twice the fun.

Watch your movie while the little one catches up on Sesame Street! We grow as you grow; add tuners, add storage, record whatever you want!

You Bring the Screen, We’ll Bring the Content!

There’s an app for all your favorite media devices. And with the beautiful SliceView™ guide, it’s easy to find something to watch!

DVR and Binge: Your Content, Forever!

Our DVR service. When you record content, it’s yours forever! With program posters, 14 days of program guide and 5.1 audio it takes you to the next level.


Easy to setup. Easy to enjoy.

Technical specifications


• 2 tuner
• ATSC over-the-air digital TV
• 100 base TX high speed network
• 1 year warranty

Size and weight
• 97 x 97 x 19mm (w x d x h)
• 5oz (140g)

What you need

• Antenna suitable for reception in your area
• Coax cable (for your antenna)
• Internet connection for program guide data
• Home router or Ethernet switch

Please note:
This product HDHR5-2US is designed for use in the US and will only work in the US and other regions using the ATSC broadcast standard.