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Be Ready For Summer - Shop Outdoor Speakers Today!

GoldenEar Invisa HTR7000 In Wall In Ceiling Speaker (Each)

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GoldenEar InvisaHTR In Wall In-Ceiling Speaker (Each)

GoldenEar Invisa Series Ceiling Speakers / In-Wall Speakers are engineered to deliver superb state-of-the-art sound quality, designed to blend perfectly with their surroundings and virtually disappear. GoldenEar’s Invisa ceiling speakers line-up consists of the Invisa 525, Invisa 600, Invisa 650 and SP 652 StereoPoint™ Single-point Stereo speaker. GoldenEar’s Invisa high-performance music and home theater models consist of the Home Theater Reference (HTR) 7000, the Invisa MultiPolar™ (MPX) and the Invisa Signature Point Source (SPS). All models incorporate a magnetically attached grill-covered/hidden flange construction that helps to make them virtually invisible.

Product Highlights:

  • Series Invisa
  • Sold As EACH
  • Weight 6.50 lbs
  • Color Options White
  • Amp Power Output 10 - 250 watt/channel
  • Drivers One - 7˝ (17.78 cm) High-Def. Cast-Basket MVPP™ Mid/Bass Driver
  • One - HVFR™ High-Velocity Folded Ribbon Tweeter
  • Frequency Response 25 Hz - 35 kHz
  • Impedance Compatible with 8 ohms
  • Sensitivity 90 dB
  • Our 30-day money back guarantee

The Technology Behind The Design

A tremendous amount of work has gone into the acoustical engineering of the Invisa Series Ceiling Speakers / In Wall Speakers in order to deliver the highest sound quality possible in an architectural format. All models (except the 600) incorporate a High Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR™) high-frequency radiator similar to the unit used in all of GoldenEar’s award-winning Towers, Bookshelf and Satellite speakers. The Invisa 525 and Invisa 600/650/652 utilize a one-piece driver/frame/flange construction in order to minimize their footprint. Solidly constructed of a marble-infused polymer, the unitized structure actually has the high-definition wide-dispersion driver constructed as an integral part. The Invisa HTR 7000 incorporates our Focus-Field™ Technology with a cast-basket 7" bass/midrange driver and HVFR™ tweeter that are angled under the grille for optimum performance as Main and/or Surround, Rear and Height speakers in a high-quality in-ceiling home theater and music system. The Invisa MPX, with its advanced spaciousness and dispersion, is perfect for in-wall Main or Surround use. The Invisa SPS in-wall SuperSpeaker™ is the perfect anchor for a high-end music and/or home theater system, utilizing GoldenEar’s latest Triton Reference speaker technology. All ceiling speakers/in-wall models have complex multi-element crossovers to precisely blend the drivers for seamless, exquisitely natural sound quality.

  • One 7" High-Definition Cast-Basket MVPP™ Bass/Midrange Driver
  • One High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR™) tweeter
  • Rec. amp: 10 – 250 Watt/channel.