Definitive Technology C/L/R 2002 Speaker (Single, Black)

Definitive Technology C/L/R 2002 Speaker (Single, Black)

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Definitive Technology C/L/R 2002 Speaker (Single, Black)   The Definitive Technology C/L/R 2002 is a magnetically shielded loudspeaker that can...

$ 299.95

Definitive Technology C/L/R 2002 Speaker (Single, Black)


The Definitive Technology C/L/R 2002 is a magnetically shielded loudspeaker that can be used either as a front left/right speaker or center-channel speaker. The C/L/R 2002 features two 5-1/4 inch high-definition drivers with cast magnesium baskets and a 1-inch pure aluminum dome tweeter. The C/L/R 2002 uses a non-resonant monocoque cabinet featuring elegant piano-gloss black lacquer end-caps and wraparound grille cloth styling.

Product highlights:

  • Video-shielded for safe placement next to any TV
  • Frequency response 30-30,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity 91 dB
  • 8-ohm impedance
  • Handles up to 250 watts
  • One 1" pure aluminum dome tweeter
  • Two 5-1/4" bass/midrange drivers
  • Two sets of 5-way binding posts (biwireable)
  • piano-gloss black finish
  • 21-3/4" W x 6-7/8"H x 12-1/8"D
  • Warranty: 5 years


What's in the box:

  • One C/L/R loudspeaker
  • 3 Bass threaded feet
  • Definitive logo
  • Owner's Manual
  • Online Product Registration card

High-Definition Die-Cast Basket Drivers: The C/L/R 2002 features two magnetically shielded high-definition cast-basket 5-1/4 inch bass/midrange drivers for robust bass reproduction, lifelike midrange clarity, and dynamic range. These sophisticated drivers incorporate deeply drawn mineral-filled polymer cones, combined with butyl rubber dust caps and surrounds, high temperature vented voice coils, and massive magnet structures. This combination of features assures high definition, superb transient response, high efficiency, high power handling, and extended linear response. In addition, the aerodynamically designed, non-resonant, cast-magnesium baskets minimize reflections of the sound radiating from the back of the cones and preserve structural and magnetic integrity.


Moving-Coil Pure Aluminum Dome Tweeter: The single 1-inch magnetic fluid-cooled moving-coil pure aluminum dome tweeter is of a unique design that synergistically brings together the performance advantages of metal domes (greater clarity) and soft domes (smoother sound and better dampening) in one state-of-the-art tweeter design. The pure aluminum dome is specially annealed (to "relax" the crystal structure) and acoustically loaded by a precisely configured acoustic phase plug/lens (to assure perfectly controlled, absolutely linear movement). The tweeter's voice coil sits in ferro-magnetic colloidal fluid which serves to cool the voice coil for exceptional power handling and also damps the system for smoother response and sonic accuracy. In addition, the unique silk surround provides better dampening and wave termination. The audible benefits of all this highly advanced engineering include smooth extended high frequency response (up to 30 kHz), greatly reduced distortion, improved transient response, notably higher definition, and crystal clear life-like clarity.


Phase-Coherent Linkwitz-Riley Crossover Networks: The sophisticated Linkwitz-Riley crossover network design used in the C/L/R 2002 equalizes the drivers for linear phase and frequency response. This preserves the phase coherence, transient response and dynamic integrity of the signal for lifelike music and home theater reproduction in your home.


Break-In Period: The C/L/R 2002 will sound good right out of the box; however, an extended break-in period of 20-40 hours or more of playing is required to reach full performance capability. The break-in period allows the suspensions to work in and results in full bass, a more open midrange, and smoother high frequency reproduction.



Enclosure Design

Non-Resonant, Low-Diffraction Cabinet: The tri-chambered monocoque cabinets of the Definitive Technology L/C/R 2002 loudspeaker is constructed of extremely thick, dense medite with foam damping pads and extensive internal bracing. This virtually eliminates cabinet vibrations and resonance which would otherwise interfere with the pure sound produced by Definitive's high-definition drivers.




Bi-Wire Connections: The C/L/R 2002 is equipped with two pair of gold-plated, 5-way binding posts to attach your receiver's speaker wire for a quick and easy bi-wire connection.


Mounting Options

Magnetically Shielded: The C/L/R 2002 is magnetically shielded for safe placement next to any TV.

Applications: The Definitive Technology C/L/R2002 can be used as a center-channel speaker or as a front left/right main speaker.

  • Center-Channel: The C/L/R 2002, when uses as a center-channel speaker, can be placed horizontally or vertically above or below your TV.
  • Front Main: The C/L/R 2002 is a high quality, full-range speaker which, in addition to its use as a center-channel speaker, can also be uses a left/right main speaker in a home theater system or a conventional 2-channel audio system. When the C/L/R 2002 is used as a left/right main speaker, it may be positioned either vertically or horizontally.


Adjustable Feet: The C/L/R 2002 features brass treaded inserts on the bottom of the cabinet designed to thread the three supplied adjustable feet into the cabinet, which hold the speaker above the surface it is placed on as well as give you the option of angling the speaker up or down to point directly at the listeners. The adjustable feet can only be used when the speaker horizontally mounted.


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