Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote Audiophile Tesla In-Ear Headphones with Three-Button Remote and Mic (White)


  • $ 999.00
  • Save $ 100

An Audible Piece of Jewelry


Xelento is Beyerdynamic's exquisite piece of jewelry for an intense musical experience 

You can now enjoy the complete brilliance of your music on the go with Xelento remote. Thanks to its miniaturized Tesla technology, you can discover an authentic and sublime musical experience that was previously only possible at home. Completely indulge in your audiophile lifestyle regardless of your location with these dynamic Hi-Fi headphones.



  • -Highly efficient miniaturized Tesla technology drivers
  • -High-resolution sound for an audiophile lifestyle on the go
  • -Ergonomically shaped casings coupled with perfectly moulded eartips (10 sizes) for perfect wearing comfort
  • -Exclusive materials like silver-plated detachable cables and high-gloss housing


Newly Defined Mobility

Xelento remote combines your desire for an intense musical experience and a mobile lifestyle with exquisite musical pleasure. It impresses with its brilliant sound, thereby offering an unparalleled in-ear experience. Thanks to their integrated remote control and hands-free microphone, these headphones transform in the blink of an eye into a powerful in-ear headset that can be adapted  to your needs.

Whether listening to music or making a phone call – there’s no need to compromise on sound and comfort  while on the go, thanks to Xelento remote. Listening pleasure for music enthusiasts no longer knows any spatial boundaries.


Tesla Technology

A miniaturized version of the Tesla driver was developed especially for Xelento. Like its big brother, it guarantees an authentic and intoxicating musical experience full of detail. With these audiophile tesla headphones, your music can now also finally shine in its full splendor on the move.


Hi-Res Audio

The Xelento remote is Hi-Res Audio-certified and can handle high-resolution audio files which, when played back, therefore retain all their musical details and come as close as possible to the original recording.


Best Fit

The ergonomically shaped casings coupled with perfectly molded ear tips adapt effortlessly to your ear while promising a maximum degree of ambient noise cancellation.


Highest Comfort

Due to the cable running behind the ear, you will enjoy an optimized wearing experience and undesirable cable noise is minimal.


Exclusive Materials

A silver-plated cable, high-gloss housing, pleasant sense of touch, and the finest workmanship highlight the elegance of Xelento remote. Its carefully selected materials guarantee absolute durability in everyday mobile use.



Handmade in Germany


The Xelento remote is carefully handcrafted in Germany. Skilled Beyerdynamic employees wind the tiny voice coils, rotate drive parts, and finish off the in-ear under a microscope with the utmost precision. This acoustic masterpiece combines the full wealth of experience with the passion of the Beyerdynamic employees.



  • -Transducer type: Dynamic
  • -Operating principle: Closed
  • -Frequency response: 8 to 48,000Hz
  • -Nominal impedance: 16Ω
  • -Nominal SPL: 110dB SPL (1mW/500Hz)
  • -Nominal power handling capacity: 100mW
  • -Total harmonic distortion: <0.2%
  • -Sound coupling to the ear: In-ear
  • -Cable length: 1.30m
  • -Connector: 4-pole mini stereo jack (3.5mm)
  • -Weight: 7g