Beyerdynamic PHONUM Wireless Bluetooth Speakerphone


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Beyerdynamic PHONUM Wireless Bluetooth Speakerphone


The Phonum speakerphone is the ideal solution for mobile conferences over the internet in the office or athome. The primary operation is via Bluetooth with a PC,laptop or smartphone. In addition, Phonum has a USB port as a secondary interface, so that the device can beused even with poor radio communication.


Key Features


  • For conference calls via internet

  • Bluetooth technology for more freedom of movement

  • USB connection as a secondary interface

  • Conference calls can be done via voice and video call apps

  • 360° technology with Fix and Follow Voice-Tracking

  • Three capsule arrangements in the microphone array

  • Operation via capacitive touch sensors

  • Operating time of 12 hours




  • Charging Time: 3 hours via power supply

  • Runtime: 12 hours

  • Battery Technology: Lithium-ion Integrated charging technology

  • Maximum Speaker Output: 2.3 Wrms

  • Sound Pressure Level: 75 dB at 1 m/1 Wrms

  • Frequency Response: 150 Hz to 14 kHz

  • Audio Algorithm: Echo cancellation (AEC), Noise cancelling (ANC)

  • Bluetooth: BT4.2, class 2

  • Supported Profiles: HFP, A2DP (device is a hollow), SPP (Upload)

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 136 x 136 x 63 mm

  • Weight: Approximately 450 g


Phonum allows small conferences, including video or teleconferencing, with participants at remote locations. In the office or conference room on site, the maximumnumber of participants is 8 people.

Phonum is powered by a Li-Ion battery, which is charged via the USB port. If necessary, the device can also be operated via USB, the battery is then charged parallel to the application.

Phonum is operated via capacitive touch sensors with which the user accepts or ends calls, increases or decreases the volume, selects the polar pattern and can mute or activate the microphone.

Phonum has three microphone modes: omnidirectional, cardiod and beamforming mode, the microphone automatically adjusts to the direction of the person speaking. The selected microphone mode is indicated by line-shaped lights.



Hello Phonum

We know how important audio is for a fluent conversation. Phonum opens up a new horizon of communication. Teams around the globe can meet up anywhere, anytime. It feels like being at the same place. Everyone is being heard due to excellent audio quality.




Experience a new way of communication with the innovative Fix & Follow Voice-Tracking. Switch between three modes for best voice transmission quality.

Fix: Defined speaking direction to one team member.

Follow: Voice-Tracking of team members with changing positions.

360 Degree to be heard all over the room.

Voice: Gain from excellent voice quality with the 360 Degree arranged microphones throughout the entire room. Three aligned premium microphones capsules ensure clear voice transmission on the highest quality level.

Sound: Enjoy highest hearing performance with 360 Degree downfire speaker from wherever you sit. Sound emits down over the bottom plate in all directions and is heard crystal-clear by all team members.

Intuitive Touch Panel: User-friendly operation enables a quick start of a meeting.

12 H Operating Lifetime: The operating time of 12 hours guarantees uninterrupted meetings. Quick recharging via USB Connection.

Bluetooth and USB Connection: Easily connect to smartphones or any other device for phone calls.

Unpack Your Phonum: Phonum is portable and ideal for various smaller rooms or even business trips. The transport case protects the product and includes USB-Cable, power adapter and use instructions.

Connect your Devices: Wireless technology connecting to smartphone or any other device for doing phone calls. Easy set up to fastly start a conference call. USB connection for data transfer and battery recharching.

Compatibility: Connect Phonum to smartphones or other telephone devices. Phonum enables quick and easy set-up for meeting calls. It has a USB port for data transfer and battery charging.

Meetings can be conducted via smartphone or PC apps as audio calls and video calls, e.g. with Skype for Business, Google Hangouts or Cisco WebEx and Spark.


Beyerdynamic Phonum Features


  • Easily connect to smartphones or PCs for phone calls via Bluetooth and USB-Connection

  • Conference calls can be undertaken via voice and video call apps such as Skype

  • Specifally developed Gecko 360 Degree technology with innovative Fix & Follow Voice-Tracking

  • The special arrangement of three capsules in the microphone array ensures clear 360 Degree voice transmission

  • The downwards directed premium loudspeaker radiates sound 360 Degree crystal-clear all over the room