Audioquest Saturn BiWire Jumpers Copper+ (PSC+) - Set of 4 - Spade to Spade


  • $ 229.95

Surprisingly better sound from replacing manufacturer-supplied jumpers with AQ BiWire Jumpers. Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+) Triple-SST HyperLitz Which speaker inputs are used when attaching a Full-Range cable to a BiWire speaker is important. BiWire speakers are designed to have the identical signal present at both sets of inputs. When using jumpers, care must be taken not to cause an imbalance. 3-Way Speakers (or 2-Way Panel-Hybrids): Please attach the incoming cable to the "treble" input. In these types of speakers, the "treble" input handles male vocal and up, making it the most important direct connection. 2-Way Speakers: Please attach the incoming cable's positive (red) leg to the speaker's positive (red) "treble" input. Attach the cable's negative (black) leg to the speaker's negative (black) "bass" input. This "half & half" hook-up is the only way to prevent a perceived lightweight or a heavy/dull acoustic effect, neither of which were the speaker designer's intention. As most recordings are in absolute phase, the direct positive connection to the treble input best preserves critical leading-edge information.