AudioQuest NRG-Z2 US Power Cord 2.0m


  • $ 239.95

Superior Metal in Low-Distortion Conductors NRG-Z2 cables take a step further and use Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC+), also in a 7-strand Semi-Solid Concentric conductor arrangement. The astonishingly smooth and pure Perfect-Surface processed conductors minimize distortion caused by grain boundaries and surface discontinuities which exist in any metal conductor.Direction-Controlled Conductors & Silver-Plated Shield Drains: All drawn metal has a non-symmetrical, and therefore directional, grain structure. AudioQuest controls the resulting RF impedance variation so that noise drains away from where it will cause distortion. The Silver-Plated shield drains eciently remove RF noise from the line and neutral shields via the wall plug's "ground" pin - which is why even the 2-Pole "2" models have an unexpected ground pin.Insulation Insulation is an electrical barrier, and also a "dielectric" because it is inside the conductor's magnetic field. All insulation shows down and smears the signal inside, making the choice of material, and AQ's Dielectric-Bias System, very important.Metal Quality Conductor material quality has a pronounced effect on the signal passing through. Different materials have more or less impurities, grain-boundaries, surface irregularities, etc. Also, which metal is used (copper, silver-plated copper, silver, aluminum, gold) and how it is processed is very important. Claims of OFC mean almost nothing as this material is chosen for conductivity and not for low distortion. Conductivity is not an issue with copper or silver (aluminum and gold are about 70% as conductive), but distortion is always life and death.Features:Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+) with Silver-Plated Drain WiresSolid ConductorsUPC: 092592007864MPN: NRGZ2US02Cable Length in Meters: 2