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AudioQuest Forest 48 8K-10K 48Gbps HDMI Cable

Original price $ 79.95 - Original price $ 299.95
Original price $ 79.95
$ 79.95
$ 79.95 - $ 299.95
Current price $ 79.95

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AudioQuest Forest 48 8K-10K 48Gbps HDMI Cable 

The Ultra-High-Speed HDMI Cable is the first cable defined by the HDMI Forum. Ultra-High-Speed HDMI Cables comply with stringent specifications designed to ensure support for high resolution video modes such as 4Kp50/60/100/120 and 8Kp50/60 as well as new features such as eARC and VRR. Ultra-High-Speed HDMI Cables exceed the requirements of the latest international EMI standards to significantly reduce the probability of interference with wireless services such as Wi-Fi.

Product Highlights:

  • AudioQuest Forest 48 HDMI cables can transfer up to professional 10K Ultra HD video. The incredible 48Gbps data rate is made possible by four balanced audio/video pairs each capable of 12Gbps, enabling a surprisingly stronger audio/video experience.
  • Increasingly thick layers of silver plating are applied to AudioQuest’s Long-Grain Copper (LGC) conductors to improve Noise-Dissipation. Placing the superior metal on the outside of the conductor produces the greatest benefit on overall performance.
  • “100% shielding” can’t guard against noise created by today’s Wi-Fi and cell devices. In addition to all 19 HDMI conductors being Direction-Controlled to reduce RF Noise, AudioQuest Forest 48 HDMI cables use advanced techniques and materials to enhance overall performance.
  • The Audio Return Channel sends audio from the TV to a soundbar, receiver, or ARC input. “enhanced” eARC is easier to use and enables lossless multi-channel. In AudioQuest Forest 48 HDMI cables, the eARC conductor pair is internally controlled for direction to ensure superior audio performance.
  • AudioQuest Forest 48 HDMI cables use Direction-Controlled conductors to minimize RF noise. For optimal Noise-Dissipation and superior audio performance, use Forest 48 HDMI cables with the plug's arrows pointing towards the TV, or Source towards A/V receiver.
  • Our 30-day money back guarantee
  • 2.5ft MFR # HDM48FOR075
  • 1.5M MFR # HDM48FOR150
  • 7.4ft MFR # HDM48FOR225
  • 3.0M MFR # HDM48FOR300
  • 16.4ft MFR # HDM48FOR500