Audioquest-Boxer 3m Subwoofer Cable (3 meters/10 feet)


  • $ 199.95

About the AudioQuest Boxer



Boxer packs a punch


AudioQuest Boxer subwoofer cable

AudioQuest's Boxer cable helps any powered subwoofer sound more realistic by minimizing any loss in the signal as it travels from your receiver to the sub. This cable features two identical solid conductors, and each conductor is a single, unbroken strand of AudioQuest's high-purity Long-Grain Copper, coated with silver. Solid conductors eliminate electrical and magnetic interference that can make multi-strand conductor cables sound brittle.



High-quality connectors eliminate the weakest link


Boxer features RCA connectors made of silver-plated copper. The connectors are fastened by cold welding — a solder-less process that uses high pressure and silver paste to minimize signal loss. By contrast, solder tends to impede the signal, and heating the copper conductor can negatively affect its performance.

AudioQuest takes a lot of care and pride in every aspect of their cables, including their appearance. Boxer cables come with a good-looking brown-and-black braided covering for the shorter lengths (5 meters and under). Longer lengths use a smooth PVC jacket that's CL3/FT4-rated for in-wall use.




Product highlights:

  • - Two silver-plated solid copper conductors for superior sound quality (silver layer is 1.25% of total conductor)
  • - Polyethylene air-tube insulation minimizes energy storage and its associated distortion
  • - 100% shield coverage with AQ's carbon-based 3-layer Noise Dissipation System, to resist RFI interference
  • - Cold-welded silver-plated RCA connectors
  • - Built-in ground wire with spade lugs to prevent hum
  • - Black-and-brown braided covering on lengths of 5 meters or less; 8-meter and longer lengths have a smooth PVC jacket
  • - Warranty: 5 years
  • - Our 60-day money-back guarantee


What's in the box:

  • - 6.5625' Mono-RCA subwoofer cable (w/ a male RCA connector and 8" ground wire on each end)