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AudioQuest Anti-Static Record Brush

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Original price $ 19.95
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Safe, fast, and easy tool for keeping records clean and sounding like new. Now a 35-year-old success story, the original AudioQuest Anti-Static Record Brush might be a favorite way to respect and care for LPs. Along the way, however, we learned that it (like every other brand of carbon fiber brush) does not have a good electrical path between the fibers and the handle, and that the print-protecting coating on the metal handle prevents a proper electrical connection to the hand. The user is the ground for static electricity so having a good electrical contact from fibers to hand is a big deal. The Anti-Static Record Brush has ideal conductivity from the Carbon Fibers, through the internal parts of the brush, to the conductive Gold Contacts placed right where your fingers need them. The brush also uses a far greater quantity of smaller fibers in order to more effectively sweep away micro-dirt, not just the less relevant visible dust.