AudioControl EQS Black Six Channel Trunk Mount Equalizer

Audio Control

  • $ 349.99

AudioControl EQS 6-channel 13-band graphic equalizer (Black)


AudioControl's EQS graphic equalizer will help make your music sound fantastic in your car. This versatile 6-channel equalizer features 13 bands of adjustment for sonic fine tuning, along with level controls that allow you to match any receiver to any amplifier. Speaker-level inputs let you connect your EQS to just about any car stereo, even to factory amps that put out up to 100 watts.



Product Highlights:


  • - 6-channel (3 pairs) 13-band graphic equalizer
  • - Subwoofer channels: 6 bands 1/3-octave wide
    • - center frequencies: 31.5, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100 Hz
  • - Front and rear channels: 7 bands
    • - Center frequencies: 120, 160, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 10000 Hz
  • - Input gain and output level controls and LEDs help with system integration
  • - 33 Hz subsonic filter (adjustable with optional module)



Other Features and Specs:


  • - Preamp inputs and outputs
  • - Speaker-level inputs
  • - Balanced inputs eliminate noise
  • - Frequency response: 10 to 100,000 Hz
  • - Signal-to-noise ratio: 110 dB
  • - Maximum output level: 9.5 volts RMS
  • - Fuse rating: 2A
  • - Dimensions: 11-3/4"W x 1-3/8"H x 8-11/16"D
  • - Warranty: 5 years


Equalization Bands


Most car audio problems occur in the bass frequencies, so this processor's subwoofer channel gives you six bands of equalization between 31.5 and 100 Hz, along with a rolloff filter that keeps ultra-low frequencies away. The front and rear channels feature seven bands of equalization at varying intervals from 250 Hz up to 10,000 Hz. If you're not using the sub channel, the low-frequency EQ section switches to the rear channel automatically.


Level Matching For Max Performance


The EQS connects between your receiver and amplifiers (or crossovers) using its inputs and outputs for your system's front, rear, and subwoofer channels. Once connected, the EQS makes it simple — turn up the input gain knobs, adjust the output knobs until the lights indicate the desired output, and you're all set. You can adjust the output level up to 9.5 volts, so you can be sure your amps will get plenty of signal. 



What's In The Box:

  • - Pre-amp 6-Channel Equalizer (black)
  • - Owner's manual
  • - QC checklist
  • - Product registration card